Are You Making These 5 Huge Pinterest Mistakes?

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Are You Making These 5 Huge Pinterest Mistakes?

Ah, Pinterest. My favorite platform to use. No seriously, it’s my favorite platform. And why is that? Because I’ve been able to harness the power of Pinterest and discovered the true potential that it brings to my blog.

If you work hard on your Pinterest presence and are intentional & purposeful with everything you do on it, you can reap the benefits and see it translate into traffic for your website! When I first discovered Pinterest, I underestimated its ability to get my blog out there.

Because who thinks Pinterest is anything more than a place to find your next fun recipe or secretly plan out your wedding?! I sure didn’t… this girl only went on to look for some new crafts or search up some gorgeous eyeshadow looks to do for the evening.

But what I didn’t realize was that there was a whole other world out there on Pinterest. These makeup pins, DIYs, and food? Yeah, these are all blogs, websites, and businesses I was bringing traffic to. And I quickly learned that there are pins out there for every niche.

Talk about a major game changer.

That seriously blew my mind and I jumped at the chance of creating a Pinterest account for my blog. But to be totally honest with you, in the beginning, it didn’t work out exactly as I thought it would.

When I first got started on the platform, I made my fair share of mistakes. Ya know how that goes. I’m still learning every day and it’s awesome. I’ve seriously grown to loooove Pinterest and if you’re part of my super awesome email gang — you know just how much I love talking about it!

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My skills improved over time and I suddenly found that little ol’ Pinterest was the top source of traffic to my blog. I messed around with Pinterest all the time trying to find out what worked and what didn’t.

But I wish I had someone to help me along the way so I could avoid those huge beginner mistakes. So let’s dive in and find out if you’re making these Pinterest mistakes too (plus how to fix them!)

1. Not using descriptions

Not using keyword-rich descriptions is a huge no-no when it comes to using Pinterest for your blog or biz. Make sure to research popular keywords in your niche and use them in as many descriptions as you can.

And no, not just pin descriptions but also your Pinterest bio AND board descriptions. So many people out there neglect to fill out their board descriptions or type up irrelevant bios that don’t really tell readers what your blog is about. Make the most out of these spaces to help more people find your content.

The best way to find keywords to optimize your descriptions with is by using Pinterest itself! Pinterest has a Smart Search bar that literally leads you to new keywords.

Pinterest Smart Search Keywords

It shows you more keywords underneath and you can click on them — leading you to even more keywords!

2. Not optimizing your blog for Pinterest

Your blog posts need to be optimized for Pinterest. What this means is that you need to make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your posts! You should have Pin It buttons and multiple share buttons on your homepage and on your actual posts.

My theme came with share buttons underneath my posts, but I installed a plugin that shows a Pin button once you hover over an image. Here’s how it looks when you hover over images:

Are You Making These 5 Huge Pinterest Mistakes?

The plugin I use is called the jQuery Pin It Button for Images. It is absolutely amazing + I highly recommend it! It helps readers share your posts with just a click of a button. It’s so easy and has made a big difference in my Pinterest traffic.

And here are the share buttons that came with my theme:

Are You Making These 5 Huge Pinterest Mistakes?

Look for themes that include these share buttons. Creative Market and Bluchic are great places to find themes that have these! When you make your blog posts as shareable as possible, your audience will be more likely to pin your content.

And this means more eyes on your blog. I love sharing my favorite posts straight from bloggers’ websites but it sucks when their content is not share-friendly.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize it for Pinterest. All you have to do is set it up once and forget about it. It’s very easy to do and so many themes out there already come set up for it.

3. Not automating your pins

If I had to pick one thing that has completely transformed my Pinterest account, it’s definitely automating my pins — no joke. I wish I would’ve automated my account much sooner.

Pinterest is all about pinning and you can’t possibly have the time to pin all day every day. I tried to just manually pin for a while but it just wasn’t getting me the results I had hoped for. The best strategy I’ve found so far is actually a combination of automating my pins and manually pinning.

I use Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduling program, for all my automation needs. It allows you to set up a queue so that it can pin to different boards for you through the day. It’s such an amazing tool and I’ve seen a significant increase in my followers since I started using it.

My monthly viewers in the analytics section are growing every day because of this method. Aside from using Tailwind, I try to take 5 minutes out of each day to also manually pin a little bit as well.

Use my affiliate link to snag your first month of Tailwind for free!

4. Having incomplete or empty boards

This was me for the longest time. I didn’t have a clue about what the heck SEO was and I couldn’t be bothered to fill out descriptions or fill boards with a decent number of pins. I was a lazy pinner and I simply wasn’t educated on how to maximize Pinterest for my blog.

It wasn’t until I decided to take it more seriously and dive into research about it that I began making sure my boards were complete. I saw Pinterest was working for other bloggers and I wanted it to work for me too. But not having a strategy or using it effectively was hurting my potential.

I still see this all the time. Pin and board descriptions are so important because the keywords you use in your descriptions are what help Pinterest put your pins in front of people who are interested in reading about those subjects.

Pinterest has a Smart Feed and if someone is looking for blog tips or whatever you blog about, your pins will pop up if you have keywords in place. More people will be clicking on your blog and who knows?! You might get a new loyal reader or subscriber from it.

Aside from descriptions, you have to stay on top of your boards. Empty boards look bad on your account. Don’t just create a board and pin 5 things to it.

Have at least 40 related pins on each board. That is the minimum that I recommend. But seriously — the more the merrier. Just take a few minutes each day to pin new things on the board so that you don’t have a sad-looking account.

5. Not having a Business account & verifying your website

Last but not least, a huge mistake is not having a Business account. If you have a Business account, you have access to Pinterest Analytics which is freakin’ awesome. It shows you what your followers are interested, what your most popular pins are, and how many people you reach on Pinterest.

It can also show you how many people end up on your website from Pinterest. This is only possible if you verify your account in your profile. As a Pinterest manager, I’ve seen this mistake many times. Bloggers will often have Business accounts and do not have their website verified.

Verifying your website not only gives you access to that extra part of Analytics, but it also gives you Rich Pins which are the bolded titles that you see underneath pins. Rich pins are great because, in the feed, they show more information about the pin directly on it. They’re really useful for showcasing more information about your pin than what you see on the actual Pinterest graphic. Definitely do not skip this step!

Your next step

It’s so helpful to know what is working and what isn’t that way you can keep working towards growing your account. Review your account and make sure you are not making these five mistakes. Taking the time out to spruce up your Pinterest profile and upping your game on the platform is something very essential when it comes to blogging. If you put these tips to work, you will seriously be able to see the difference in your account!

Commit yourself to transforming your account and taking control over the power of Pinterest. It’s hard work but it can be done. You can’t just go in and add a few keywords and pins and call it a day. You can’t just add a bunch of boards and forget about it. In fact, you need to have an action plan for Pinterest to get the most out of it.

Remember to stay on top of your game and don’t forget to PIN. If you feel discouraged, don’t give up. The Pinterest algorithm is constantly changing and it will work for you.

BONUS TIP: Did you know that hiring a Pinterest Manager can make a HUGE difference for your blog & biz? Let me help you!

Still need help?

If you’re still feeling clueless and have no idea where to start, no worries babe. That’s where I come in! Don’t let overwhelm take over and just let me handle it. I offer Pinterest management services to bloggers + biz owners to help them get their accounts in tip-top shape.

I offer:

  • Account setups
  • Account makeovers
  • Monthly Management

Pinterest can be frustrating — trust me I know! So I’d love to help out and get your account in the best shape ever so that you have more time to focus on other tasks + projects in your blog/biz.

Click here to check out my Pinterest management packages

And let me know: what’s your biggest struggle when it comes to Pinterest? Leave a comment below! P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!

Are You Making These 5 Huge Pinterest Mistakes?

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