Hey friend!

I’m Amanda, a full-time entrepreneur, online business strategist, and your go-to girl for all things digital marketing.

I help overwhelmed online service providers, creatives, entrepreneurs, and coaches grow their audiences online, streamline their marketing, and maximize their profits using powerful content marketing strategies.

Why? Because that was me just a few years ago.

I found myself in the corporate world by day and content creator by night. I was busy, burnt out, and broke.

I struggled at first to make it work but I was determined. And what began as a little hobby blog in college has now grown into a thriving online business helping entrepreneurs around the world reach their goals.

Now I teach creative women how to grow powerful online businesses, show up & market themselves online, and rise up into the CEO role.

now for the fun stuff...

here are some random facts about me

I'm an introvert

Yes, I’m definitely introverted! I prefer working from home in my cozy little office. In fact, I’m an INFP-T, Scorpio and Enneagram 6.

I'm a cat mama

While I’m the founder & creative director at The Rising CEO, my cat Boy is my assistant and the best coworker ever!

I'm an honorary Gilmore Girl

Lorelai Gilmore is *actually* my spirit animal and I guess you could say I’m a bit of a coffee addict. Seriously.

We're based in South Florida

Yep, I’m a Cuban-American & Miami native! But running my business online has allowed me to operate it from anywhere in the world.

Featured in:

โ€œIf you don't build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.โ€

- Tony Gaskins

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