Anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with Amazon. How could you NOT when it’s so easy to find and order things with the app and have it show up on your doorstep two days later?! I work from home as a full-time blogger and my home office is basically all from Amazon (minus the desk from Ikea!)

So I thought I’d put together a list of some awesome Amazon finds for bloggers and entrepreneurs to help you get started! These are products that I use all the time (if not daily) and they’ve been such game-changers for my business.

Amazon Finds For Bloggers

1. Webcam

7 Awesome Amazon Finds For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs







First on my list of Amazon finds for bloggers is a webcam! I use this Logitech webcam that I attach to the top of my computer. It’s extremely high-quality (my laptop has the WORST webcam so I refuse to use it for anything because the image is just so grainy.)

I use this webcam whenever I have meetings, interviews, or just want to film a masterclass or tutorial.

2. Computer monitor & mouse

7 Awesome Amazon Finds For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs7 Awesome Amazon Finds For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs






Next up on my list is my computer monitor and mouse. I’m big on graphic design and do a lot of design work for my clients. Having a larger screen and mouse is absolutely essential for me. I love being able to create my Pinterest pins with ease and seeing it enlarged vs. having to scroll or zoom in on my laptop.

I find that creating graphics and content on a laptop is more time-consuming. I work quickly when I use my monitor and mouse at my desk. Another big plus for having a monitor is that I can set it up as a second screen and have both my laptop and monitor on – I can multitask and have different tabs and programs open this way.

I also find it easy to take screenshots and film my screen for tutorials with a big monitor! My partner was able to set this up for me by connecting a monitor and keyboard directly into my laptop!

3. Microphone






So another fun Amazon find is this Blue Yeti microphone.

When I’m using my monitor, it’s hard to record audio since I close up my laptop and set it aside. For super clear and crisp sound, I connect a microphone and use it together with my webcam. It’s not 100% necessary for new bloggers to invest in a microphone but it’s super helpful for those that want to improve their audio, film videos, have reliable tech for meetings or simply just want to start a YouTube channel!

4. Phone tripod

Amazon Finds For Bloggers







It’s kind of a weird gadget but super useful. As bloggers, you know just how crucial it is to be active on social media. Plus, video is all the rage now with Instagram Stories, IGTV and live video. I got this handy little phone tripod to hold my phone so I can record and take pictures hands-free.

It comes with a button that you can use to take photos with! I use it mostly for filming my Instagram Stories!

5. Pens







Such a simple little thing but seriously pens make me so happy. 

I’m really big on planning, to-do lists and basically putting everything to paper. So when I discovered these pens, they literally became my faves. I already have a huge pen collection but I just had to add them to my supply.

They’re the Paper Mate Inkjoy pens. They come in super pretty colors and write so well. The ink doesn’t bleed through paper with decent thickness. I also feel like my handwriting is nicer when I use them (anyone else have chicken scratch?)

Besides writing in my planner, as an entrepreneur, I sign documents, write checks, and tons of other things & I feel like these pens are really high-quality for doing just that.

Even though every single color is extremely beautiful and vibrant, my favorite pen is just the plain black one. It’s just so darn satisfying to write with it!

6. File organizer







Okay, so this one isn’t one of the more *fun* Amazon finds for bloggers on my list. But it’s essential that I mention this one. You should definitely have a file organizer.

In my first year of business, I made the colossal mistake of not keeping records of important documents or filing them away. I basically had no system in place and was quite disorganized. And because of that, it came back to bite me when it was time to pay taxes. Ouch.

Do not make this mistake, trust me!! Get a filing system or even a place on your computer to keep everything (make sure to back up the information regularly!) Keep every single receipt, invoice, or contract because you might need it again later.

7. You Are A Badass







Did you know how much of a badass you are? If not, now you do! Seriously though, You Are A Badass is one of the very first books I read when I started my entrepreneurial journey. It was the exact kind of kick in the pants I needed to rise up and say “heck yeah, I can be my own boss!”

If you’re struggling with confidence, mindset, and just plain old imposter syndrome where you feel like you’re not a pro or you’ll never have your dream life — this book is for you. Jen Sincero has written a complete series for You Are A Badass and trust me, you’ll want to read all of them. They are so worth it and will leave you feeling ready to take on the world.

Entrepreneurship is a hard and lonely journey. Personal development books like this one have changed my life!

*BONUS* 8. The Content Planner

7 Awesome Amazon Finds For Bloggers & Entrepreneurs

So The Content Planner *isn’t* on the list of Amazon finds for bloggers because it’s actually not available on Amazon. But I did want to mention it because I couldn’t survive without it!

The Content Planner is a physical planner made specifically for content creators and those in social media marketing. It is literally perfect for my business and I feel like it’s the only one of it’s kind to help bloggers and entrepreneurs organize and plan their content.

With this planner, you can plan out your months, track your goals, keep track of your collaborations, and so much more. It’s also a bigger planner which I love! It’s much easier to write it and brainstorm ideas but also not too big that you can’t travel with it. I keep it on my desk and use it every day. It helps keep me on track and stick to a plan at all times. I highly recommend it!

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Amazon Finds For Bloggers
Amazon Finds For Bloggers
Amazon Finds For Bloggers