How To Become A Pinterest Manager And Earn A Full-Time Income Online

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Become A Pinterest Manager

Do you love Pinterest? Have you ever thought of what it would be like to become a Pinterest Manager?

Offering Pinterest Management Services is an excellent (and very flexible way) to make money from home. And if you’re wondering whether this sounds too good to be true… I’ll be the first one to tell you it’s NOT because it’s exactly what I do for a living full-time.

So let’s dive in and talk all about what a Pinterest Manager does and what skills you need to become one!

What Does A Pinterest Manager Actually Do?

A Pinterest Manager is someone who manages Pinterest accounts for bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners.

They help their clients stay active on the platform and build a powerful presence using Pinterest. 

A Pinterest Manager (or you might’ve heard the term Pinterest Virtual Assistant – many people use these terms interchangeably!) can work on many various tasks for their clients’ Pinterest accounts.

And because it’s entirely online – you can work from anywhere in the world, make your own schedule, start a full-blown business or even just start your Pinterest Management business as a side hustle for extra income.

Why Pinterest?

You might be thinking “okay… why Pinterest?”

I LOVE this question.

Pinterest is one of my all-time favorite platforms for growing my website traffic, creating an online presence, and building an audience.

Despite popular belief, it is not a social media site. It’s actually a search engine where people go to look things up and find new ideas.

And because of that user behavior, that’s why it’s such a great place for businesses to grow their audience as well.

It truly is an amazing place to market to people, make more sales, and so much more!

And not only that, offering services like social media management or virtual assistant services can be pretty broad and encompass so many things.

Finding your niche and doing something super specific like Pinterest helps show how specialized you are. Instead of being a jack of all trades, you are the master one thing – Pinterest management!

Having a specialized skill like this will help you land more clients and allow you to charge more too. And Pinterest Management specifically is a service that is extremely in demand right now.

Read my story of how I became a Pinterest Manager here: Pinterest Marketing: How I Made Pinterest My Full-Time Job

Who Is The Right Fit To Become A Pinterest Manager?

If you love Pinterest and you know how to use, you can become a Pinterest Manager! Basically anyone who is willing to learn the in’s and out’s of Pinterest can be one.

All you have to do is be willing to learn, adapt, and be motivated to get the job done for your clients.

Everything I learned is self-taught from online courses and just learning over time while managing accounts. I had NO prior experience and it was my first time ever offering any type of services on my blog.

You might be the right fit for being a Pinterest Manager if you’re…

  • Wanting to start your own online business and work from home
  • Looking for a side hustle to bring in a little extra income
  • Already offer some services or you’re a social media manager looking to add Pinterest to your list of services

Really anyone who loves Pinterest and can dedicate time each week to working on accounts can start a career in Pinterest Management.

How Much Can You Make?

Let’s address the elephant in the room! You want to know how much money you can make when you become a Pinterest Manager.

There’s no clear-cut answer to this because it all depends on you, your skills, how much time you can dedicate to working with clients, and how many clients you want to take on.

But realistically, you can make anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 a month or even more!

There are so many different services that Pinterest Managers can offer and the pricing of those can vary greatly.

What Skills Do You Need?

So what skills do you really need to become a Pinterest Manager?

I would say these are super essential:

  • Knowing how to use scheduling tools like Tailwind to set up and run the queues for your client
  • Being great at graphic design and creating powerful pin graphics that get clicks
  • Having the ability to manage various different accounts on a monthly basis (time management skills are necessary!)
  • Knowing how to research keywords and write high-converting pin descriptions and titles
  • Being flexible and easily be able to adapt to changes
  • Creating reports, analyzing data, and informing clients of growth and changes on their accounts
  • Running promoted pin campaigns
  • Being communicative, professional, and staying up to date with the latest Pinterest trends and algorithm changes

These are the skills that I feel would make you an amazing Pinterest Manager!

How To Become A Pinterest Manager

If that sounds up your alley and you would seriously love to pursue a career in Pinterest Management, I am excited to share with you that the waitlist is officially open for my newest program: The Profitable Pinterest Manager.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to get started as a Pinterest Manager but doesn’t know how to build the actual foundations of running your own online business.

In the course, you’ll learn:

  • How to set up business foundations
  • How to find and land clients
  • All about proposals, contracts, and invoicing
  • Systems, workflows, and tech
  • Onboarding your clients
  • Marketing your services
  • Growing & scaling

… and so much more!



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