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One of the many things I’ve realized during my blogging journey is the importance of having a niche.

I used to have a beauty blog when I first started out.

Except it was a big mix up of beauty, lifestyle, fashion, etc. I didn’t really have a focus and had no blog niche. I was able to make some money this way — just enough for a side hustle. But I couldn’t break the income cap and earn more. It was not sustainable on its own.

The thing about my personality is that I have so many interests and hobbies. It was hard for me to stick to just one topic and that reflected in my traffic & income because I was not zeroing in on a niche.

So naturally, I love learning. I did tons of research on blogging, business & how to build a successful blog. And the word niche just kept coming back to me.

I kept finding articles mentioning just how essential having a niche is for creating an online business. That really opened my eyes.

Over time, my niche has changed, evolved, and gotten even more specific. And I used to think getting so specific would attract no one. But it was the complete opposite that happened.

I rebranded and focused on blogging and business tips. It wasn’t until I narrowed down my niche even more to focus on Pinterest marketing, that my income started to grow.

I was able to create a focus for my content and establish myself as an authority in the topic of Pinterest marketing.

And the time from when I first decided to narrow down my niche to include Pinterest strategies to going full-time in my business? 7 months.

If you’re ready to start coming up with more consistent & relevant content and grow your blog into a business, you might be wondering how you too can find the perfect niche for your blog.

So let’s dive in!

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is a specific topic you choose to write about on your blog. Think makeup, recipes, DIYs, organization tips, books, and much more.

It’s the topic you choose to center all your content around. Think about what you enjoy to read and write about the most. What topics intrigue you? What’s a topic you would never find yourself getting tired of writing about?

Once you get an idea of what you like & could see yourself writing about, then we’re on the right track to finding your perfect blog niche. The topic you’re interested in isn’t going to necessarily be your specific niche, but more on that later!

Why is it important to have a niche?

Here’s the thing about having a blog niche. No, you’re not required to have one. BUT, think about this: not all of your readers will be interested in ALL of the topics you blog about.

It will be hard to keep consistent traffic to your blog and build an audience if they are not interested in some of the content to create.

But if you choose a single topic, it’s much more likely that your audience will like all of your content, consistently visit your site, subscribe to you, and stay on your website much longer. And that’s because they love what you write about and want to learn even more about it!

If you write about recipes one day and suddenly write a makeup post the next day, it might turn some of your readers away if they’re not interested in makeup.

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It’s SO important to try to target a certain group of people than to target EVERYONE. You want to be the perfect fit for someone searching for something specific online. You want to establish yourself as the go-to girls when it comes to all things XYZ.

That’s not to say you can’t find success & monetize your blog without one. Everyone’s blogging experience is different and there are many profitable lifestyle blogs out there.

It’s just much harder to do.

How to pick a blog niche

If you’re feeling stuck and have no idea what you would like your niche to be, take a step back and see what things you have access to, what your hobbies are, and what you do for work.

You need to be able to write a lot about the topic because if you’re not passionate about it, it will show in your writing. Blogging takes soooo much work so you want to be 100% sure you choose something you enjoy.

Besides your passions, you’ll also want to consider what skills you have. What are you good at? What are you more knowledgeable about than most people? (but don’t think you need to be an expert on the topic either!)

Next, we’ll need to do research and see if people are writing & reading about your chosen subject. Head to Google and start searching for blogs related to that topic and see how many results populate.

Based on the results is how you’ll be able to determine your niche. If there is a gazillion results that come out when you type in your desired niche, it’s safe to say it’s too broad. And we’ll have to narrow it down even more & find your focus.

Aside from that, you’ll also want to check just how profitable that subject is especially if you’re looking to create a business from your blog. Profitability comes from whether or not you’ll be able to monetize this niche in the future.

You need to a niche you’re both passionate about & is profitable in order to build a business from it. You can check this by doing some research and seeing if there are things you can create in your desired niche that you can sell like ebooks, membership sites, coaching services, courses, physical products and much more.

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Finding your focus

Finding a focus is essential.

Choosing a broad topic will make it even harder for you to create a successful blog.

Even if you know you like to write about beauty (for example), that’s a pretty general topic. And here’s where your specific niche comes in. Think about who your ideal reader is. What aspects of beauty do they like? What type of makeup do they like to do? Are they beginners or more comfortable with using makeup?

Based on the answers to these questions, you can narrow down your niche to focus on something specific within beauty. For example, makeup tips for dry skin.

Or if you’re interested in fashion, you could narrow down your niche to specifically thrifting.

Whatever subject you choose, you want to find a something to focus on within that category. I blog about business & blogging tips, but I mainly share Pinterest marketing strategies for female entrepreneurs.

Get specific.

The more specific the better and the better chance you have of finding your tribe of loyal readers who can one day turn into customers.

I believe you can build a business from whatever blog niche you choose as long as you’re specific and intentional about what you’re writing and who you’re writing for. If you curate content that is all relevant and would interest a certain type of reader, then you can definitely make it in the world of full-time blogging.

It does take time to get there, but picking the perfect blog niche is the best way to build the foundation to get there.

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How To Pick Your Perfect Blog Niche, niche blog, niche website, blogging tips, bloggers, business tips, online business
How To Pick Your Perfect Blog Niche, niche blog, niche website, blogging tips, bloggers, business tips, online business
How To Pick Your Perfect Blog Niche, niche blog, niche website, blogging tips, bloggers, business tips, online business