9 High-Traffic Blog Niches That Actually Make Money

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9 High-Traffic Blog Niches That Actually Make Money

So you know you want to start a blog, but maybe you’re not entirely sure what you want to write about. You need to choose a blog niche which is basically the subject of all your content.

And it’s essential to have a blogging niche because it helps you have a clear focus. When your blog is clear and well-defined, you’re able to create content for your readers that they find helpful and valuable. And that is what helps you grow your blog into a full-blown online business.

Having a niche is important if you want to monetize and either made some side money from your blog or even go full-time because like they say “the riches are in the niches!”

So I wanted to put together a list of 9 high-traffic blog niches that are popular and make money. But one thing I did want to point out is that before you go picking a niche, you have to make sure it’s a topic you are actually passionate about and you know for a fact you won’t get bored writing about it.

Don’t go picking a niche from this list just because you think you’ll become rich overnight. It doesn’t work like that and you’ll quickly burn out.

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I am a firm believer that if you do it right, ANY niche can be profitable — not just the ones on this list.

Okay now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive in and go over the top niches in the blogging industry:

Making Money Online

Have you ever read an online income report?

I binge-read these like crazy when I discovered the possibility of turning your blog into a business. Well if you’ve ever read a blog post about side hustles or making money online, then you know how popular these are. I personally am in this space and blog specifically about growing your blog into an online business and making money from it.

So I’m extremely familiar with it! This niche often comes off as one of the only blog niches that make money but this just isn’t true. It’s a common misconception.

The reason it seems like only bloggers in this niche actually make money is because… *drum roll* they’re the only ones talking about it!

Let’s face it. Why would a mommy blogger or travel blogger talk about the money they make from their blog? It doesn’t make sense and doesn’t fit into their niche. It would probably just confuse their readers because that’s not a topic they’re interested in reading about.

You do need to have some sort of experience making money online to get into this niche. Your audience wants to be sure you know what you’re talking about! I’ve been blogging for about 3 years and before this blog, I successfully ran a beauty blog (and yes, it made money!)


Next up on the list is the ever-so-popular mommy blog!

This niche is on fire. It is so incredibly popular and one of those blog niches that are high-traffic. And it makes sense too because so many people have children and are first-time moms.

They’re constantly on the hunt for tips and advice when it comes to parenting.

And there are a lot of different topics you can cover with this niche. If you’re a parent, this niche is great because you can talk about anything from pregnancy, babies, toddlers, etc. This niche can grow and evolve with you as your children grow up and you find yourself in different phases of life.

There are so many things you can do with a parenting blog. You can create and sell your own digital products, earn passive income from affiliate marketing by promoting your favorite products and so much more.

Personal Finance

This one is a tad bit different than the make money online niche. We’re talking about personal finance blogs!

The purpose of a personal finance blog is to teach people how to save money, budget, and live frugally. Some blogs focus on just budgeting and living frugally, while others may focus on how to make money through side hustles, etc. It all depends on the blogger!

This is a great topic because people will always be interested in how they can save their money or better invest it.

If you know how to live frugally and are interested in sharing your budgeting advice with the world, you might want to consider a personal finance blog.

One of my favorite blogs of all time in this space is Making Sense of Cents. Michelle Gardner runs one of the biggest personal finance bloggers out there and she makes over $100K A MONTH.

So it’s definitely a profitable niche to consider.


Next up is the food blog… yum!

I know just how powerful these blogs are and I’m sure you do too. Have you ever googled a recipe? If you have, then more than likely, you’ve visited a food blog. But the thing with food blogs is that it can be a bit difficult to monetize because people often land on the page, take the recipe, and don’t purchase anything from your website.

That being said, it is not impossible to successfully grow and monetize a food blog. Displaying advertisements, writing sponsored posts, and affiliate marketing are all great ways to make money from a food blog.

Once you multiply your traffic and get a decent-sized audience that loves your content, you could also try your hand at selling your own products like a recipe ebook or meal plan.

Fashion & Beauty

This is the niche I used to be in before I rebranded to the blog I have now! And I’ve personally made money thousands from this type of blog so it is definitely possible to make money from it.

Fashion and beauty blogs are pretty big! You can monetize them a variety of ways like ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

When I was a beauty blogger, I made the majority of my income through sponsored collaborations with my favorite brands. This is because many fashion and beauty bloggers are influencers on social media as well.

They tend to grow large followings on Instagram and can leverage that to build full-time businesses from their blogs. A lot of these influencers also build YouTube channels with tons of loyal subscribers!


Lifestyle blogs are another type of profitable blog that isn’t exactly a “niche.” They often are compiled of different categories like fashion, beauty, parenting, travel, etc. It all depends on what the blog writer is interested in writing about.

So you do have a variety of topics you can talk about and you don’t have to commit to just one! And you can monetize them in the traditional ways like I’ve mentioned a ton here (ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.) But you can also monetize them by creating your own products as well.

Lifestyle blogs are awesome because you can create a community of readers with like-minded interests and you can inspire others through your content.

There are quite a few popular and successful lifestyle blogs out there. One of my favorites is The Confused Millennial!


Travel blogs are just so much fun. Who doesn’t have the itch to travel? I know I do!

Travel blogs are so incredibly inspiring and extremely informative when it comes to planning out your own trips and getaways.

Tons of people are always traveling and looking for the best deals, itineraries, and travel tips so that they can go on vacation seamlessly and everything goes off without a hitch.

And travel bloggers are just the pros to do that because that’s what they do for a living. These kinds of blogs can garner a ton of traffic so many of these bloggers often make money through ads and affiliate marketing. But a big portion can also be made through collaborations and sponsored content with press trips, hotels, and so much more.

You could even end up a digital nomad traveling the world while your blog funds your lifestyle!

Health & Fitness

Health & fitness is a BIG industry. Have you ever set foot in a gym after the new year?!

People are constantly looking to better themselves, get fit, and improve their overall health. It’s one of the biggest blog niches out there.

If you’re a pro in this area, you might consider starting a blog in this niche. I do find this industry very interesting because while you can monetize your blog traditionally, there is a whole different aspect for monetizing health and fitness blogs.

A lot of these blogs can make money by selling their own products. I’ve seen it time and time again where bloggers and influencers in this niche create and sell ebooks, courses, and fitness guides (either PDF or video)  to their audience.

They also create healthy eating guides & meal plans to accompany their workouts! This topic is super popular and I don’t see it going anyway in the foreseeable future.

DIY & Crafts

All my Pinterest queens out there — you KNOW just how crazy this niche is. Like for real. DIY and crafts (especially sewing) is one of the most viral blog niches to be in especially if you’re marketing your content on Pinterest.

Who doesn’t love DIYs?! Time and time again, this type of blog reminds me of an extremely popular craft blogger that was able to monetize her blog by selling sewing patterns! How cool is that?

There are endless ways you can make money from craft blogs. Plus, you can monetize with affiliate marketing by using affiliate links to link to all the materials that you use to create your DIYs. You can also sell supplies, how-to guides and so lots more.

And you’ve officially made it through the list!

Those are my top 9 blog niches that are high-traffic and super lucrative. Did you spot any that interest you? Are you making money and in a niche that wasn’t mentioned? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you’re ready to finally start building your blog, don’t forget to check out my beginner’s guide to starting a blog!

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