Canva Pro Review: Is It Truly Worth It?

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If you’re a blogger or online business owner, then you know how important it is to be on-brand in everything that you do. Having beautiful graphics and designs not only looks professional but can really give breathe new life into your website & online presence. But not everyone can be a pro graphic designer, right?!

If design has you running for the hills, Canva Pro might be the perfect solution for you. So today, I’m sharing with you my Canva Pro review!

What is Canva?

So let’s talk a little bit about what Canva actually is. Canva is a free graphic design tool that is literally MADE for the beginner & non-designer.

It is so easy for anyone to use compared to having to learn how to use programs like Photoshop. It’s an incredible solution for taking design into your own hands even when you don’t really know what you’re doing.

When I started my blog many moons ago, I had no clue what I was doing. And I had no money to invest in a designer. So I was forced to learn to do things on my own.

Over time, I got the hang of things and started using Canva to create headers, logos, Instagram posts, Pinterest pins and so much more.

I was hooked and quickly felt the need to spread the word to everyone about this amazing tool. As I got better at using Canva, I was decided to upgrade to their premium plan Canva Pro.

And now I’m officially a Canva Certified Creative. Being a CCC means that I’m part of an exclusive community of Canva designers, I get to work directly with Canva themselves, and I even get to contribute my own templates and designs to the platform.

It’s a tool I’ll never stop recommending because it’s just that incredible.

Canva VS. Canva Pro

If you’re a Canva user too, you might be wondering what the difference is between the free plan and the premium plan. In this post, I’m sharing this Canva Pro review and breaking down whether or not it’s worth paying for your blog and business.

So the obvious difference here is that you get access to way more features in Canva Pro than you would with the regular plan.

Canva Pro Review

Canva lists out some of the major differences between their two plans to help you decide!

Canva Pro Review

Key Features

Let’s go over some of the key features you’ll get when you upgrade to the Canva Pro plan!

#1 Access to unlimited folders

The Canva free plan gives you the ability to organize your designs into two folders. With Canva Pro, you can get unlimited folders which allows you to organize your designs in so many more ways.

#2 Unlimited storage for assets and photos

Canva Pro ReviewYou can get unlimited storage for all of your assets, photos, and designs compared to the 1 GB of storage the regular plan offers.

#3 Access to 4M+ photos & elements

With Canva Pro, you get access to millions of photos, elements, and templates which is AWESOME! You’re more limited with what you can use when you’re using the free version.

#4 Canva Pro allows you to resize your images

This feature is seriously one of my favorites. You can magically resize your images to tons of other dimensions.

When it comes to social media and other types of graphics you may want to create, they all come in different sizes.

You might want to create a design to share your latest blog post and you want to share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Stories. With the click of a button, you can quickly resize your designs to fit all of these different dimensions.

#5 You can use a brand kit for easy designing

The feature is also a big winner with me. Canva Pro makes it so much easier for you to stay on brand and create graphics that include your colors. It’s really simple to easily grab your brand fonts, colors, and even your logo to use in all of your projects.

canva pro brand kit

#6 Canva Pro has way more fonts to choose from

With Canva Pro, you get access to tons more beautiful fonts to use in your designs. I’m a font geek so seeing all the new fonts I could work with was a dream! I want my Pinterest graphics to stand out and it’s so much easier to do that when I have more options to choose from instead of the basic free Canva fonts.

#7 You can upload your own fonts

Again, major font geek here! You can also upload your own fonts with this plan. If you have a specific font that you use throughout your website that is not available on Canva, you can simply upload it and start using it.

#8 Canva Pro allows you to create animations & GIFs

Another neat feature is the ability to create animations and GIFs. These are perfect for Instagram or even Pinterest now that they allow video pins!

The #1 reason I use Canva is to design powerful, high-converting pin graphics. If you want to see samples of how I use Canva to create pins, you can check out my Pinterest profile here.

#9 You can create designs with transparent backgrounds

Last but not least, Canva Pro allows you to create designs with transparent backgrounds. This means that whatever photo you upload, the white background attached to the photo won’t show. Then, you can use it anywhere you want on your website or add a different background to the image.

This gives you a lot more flexibility with what you can do with your designs.

How much does Canva Pro cost?

The last thing I’m sharing in this Canva Pro review is the price!

Right now, Canva Pro is $9.95 per month when billed annually or $12.95 when billed monthly. The price is not bad compared to everything you get for it!

Because I’m a Canva Certified Creative, I’m able to get my audience an exclusive extended 45-day Canva Pro free trial (instead of the regular 30-day trial!) Pretty cool huh?

If you’re interested in snagging this extended trial and giving Canva Pro a spin, you can try it below:


Should you upgrade to the Canva Pro plan?

If you’re on the fence about upgrading to Canva Pro, it’s time to jump off and pick a side!

When asked if you should upgrade… my answer will always be a huge resounding YES. It is so worth it.

I’ve never seen any other design tool like Canva Pro and I’ve never seen them offer this many features for such a great price. I’m proficient in Photoshop but a lot of the time I prefer to design things in Canva instead. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate and having access to all of those millions of stock photos and assets makes the investment well worthwhile.

Canva Pro is a must-have tool in my business and I wouldn’t know what to do to without it. If you liked this Canva Pro review and you’re ready to dive in straight into the premium plan, you can start your free extended 45-day trial here.

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