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How To Create Gorgeous Pinterest Graphics With Canva

Did you know that Pinterest is the #1 traffic source for SO many bloggers out there? (Me included!)

Writing incredible blog posts is only half the battle. Once you’re done with your post, you need to get it out into the world and that’s where Pinterest comes in.

Pinterest can easily have a huge impact on your blog and grow your traffic. It’s a marketing platform you just can’t ignore. But with it, comes the need to be able to create amazing graphics.

I love creating new graphics for my blog on Photoshop and many other programs, but they could have a learning curve and be hard to navigate at first. That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered Canva.

Seriously, Canva has transformed my life when it comes to making images for my blog or even for my personal life. Canva is a graphic design website that uses drag-and-drop methods to create gorgeous graphics.

Yep. Drag and just drop. SO EASY!

My favorite thing to create on Canva is my Pinterest images that you often find at the end of my blog posts. And I can make them in half the time it takes me to make a Pinterest graphic in Photoshop or any other design tool.

It’s so awesome and saves me so much time. Canva is completely free to register on and use. If you find it hard to make beautiful Pinterest images for your blog, no worries. I got you.


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You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer or download fancy software, but you DO have the ability to create viral Pinterest graphics that grab your reader’s attention.

Eye-catching pin designs are essential for bringing traffic to your website and encouraging people to take action (click) on your pin. Once you have your account set up and you start pinning & building your account, eventually the traffic and growth becomes passive. Especially if you have gorgeous Pinterest graphics that continue to get shared over and over again.

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In this post, we’re going to talk about the anatomy of the perfect pin and how to use Canva for Pinterest!

So without further ado, here’s a complete tutorial on how you (yes you!) can create gorgeous Pinterest graphics on Canva:

Create an account on Canva

So first thing’s first. You gotta register. It’s super simple and you can either sign up with Facebook, Google or just your email. Once you’ve got your account set up — let’s log in and head over to design your very first Pinterest graphic on Canva.

So let’s go!

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Choose a design you want to create

Once you’re in the account, you’ll be met with a page that says “Create a Design.” Here’s where you’ll be choosing what you want to create. So even though I love using Canva for Pinterest images, it doesn’t stop there.

You can create Facebook posts, Instagram posts, YouTube Channel art.. you name it. And if you don’t see it, you can easily use custom dimensions to create whatever your little heart desires.

I use Canva for three main things:

  • Pinterest Graphics
  • Blog Banners
  • Ebooks

Yes, ebooks! All my free ebooks and downloads that I offer my email list are made on Canva. So you can make beautiful opt-in freebies to grow your email list too. Oh and P.S. I use custom dimensions from time to time when I want to create graphics for my insta story. And YES it FITS PERFECTLY! *squeal*

I select Pinterest graphic when I want to make a simple normal-sized pin. If you want to make longer pins, just use the custom dimensions options and enter a size that you want your pin to be.

Drag and drop elements to design your pins

So next up, you’ll see a blank Pinterest image template on your screen. Much like this:

On the left-hand side of your screen, you’ll see a dark gray menu with several options. You have search, elements, texts, background, and uploads. Then, next to that you have some super fun templates! Some of these templates are free and some are paid, but they have really beautiful free ones that you can do so much with.

I prefer to make my own pins from scratch, but you can definitely create graphics using these templates. Whatever floats your boat. You can mess around with a template to get the hang of the program and then move on to creating your own from scratch when you’re more confident.

I usually start off by clicking on “uploads.” There I can upload my own photography or stock photos that I want to use as the background of my pin. After selecting a background, it’s time for the text!

Here’s a quick recap of what your pin should include:

1. An eye-catching, easy-to-read title

2. A call to action or product mock-up

3. Your blog name or URL

So first, we’ll enter the title of your blog post or opt-in freebie. Whatever it is that you’re creating your pin for. I like to use shapes layered on the background photo so it’s easy to read the text. If you’re promoting a freebie or product, make sure to always include a mock-up of the product and a call to action.  A mock-up is a demonstration of what your freebie looks like.

The anatomy of a successful pin: an eye-catching, easy-to-read title, a CTA or product mock-up and your blog name or URL! Click To Tweet

For example, you could be giving a free ebook away to your readers when they subscribe to your newsletter. On your pin, you would include a mock-up of that ebook and a call to action (such as “click here to grab your free ebook on _____!”) to get them to click.

This will entice readers to click on your pin because they know they will receive something for free when visiting your blog or exchanging their email address.


How To Create Gorgeous Pinterest Graphics With Canva

Play with the colors & fonts until you like what you see

I always play around with colors and fonts to come up with the perfect pin. When designing pins, I try to use different fonts within the pin and a color scheme. I make sure all my pins have the same “theme.”

Branding your pins so they all have a similar theme is important. This is because readers will then be able to recognize your pins at first glance. Plus it looks much more cohesive. It creates an identity for your blog that matches who you are and what your business is all about.

I recommend having a few versions of your pins. That way you can split test them and see which designs work better than others. Every once in awhile, come back to your pins and tweak your designs. They could always be improved and could make a difference in your traffic.

Once you’re done with your design, all that’s left is to name the design and download it to your computer. Then just upload it straight to Pinterest or schedule your pin with an automation tool such as Tailwind. Now you are all set up with a super easy pin from Canva!

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