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Does email marketing have you stumped? Maybe you’ve heard just how important email newsletters are but you just have no clue what to write before hitting the send button.

Blog posts are a totally different story — you know how to craft amazing posts… but emails just aren’t your thing.

I held off on starting my email list because I had no freakin’ clue what I would send my subscribers. Would they even care?

I just made up things as they came to me and started sporadically sending out random emails. My strategy was… hmm… non-existent.

Things are totally different now though. I send out email newsletters once a week without missing a beat & I’m constantly making sure my emails give value to my readers. I’ve learned so many ways to change how I was sending my emails too.

So if you’re struggling with your emails and have no clue what to write or how you craft the best design for your emails, let’s dive into these 5 actionable tips to revamp your email newsletters like now.

5 Ways To Improve Your Email Newsletters

1. Rock your subject line

Your subject line is super important. It’s what piques your subscriber’s interest and gets them to click open the email in the first place.

If the subject line doesn’t capture their interest, your email will go unread or trashed. And you lose out on that opportunity to talk to your audience.

Here are three tips for crafty the perfect subject line:


Using phrases that show urgency is a great way to get your subscribers to act now and open your email. Communicating scarcity and urgency in your email subject line will get your readers to take action.


Personalize email subject lines with your subscribers’ names! It makes it feel much more intimate and personal. Like sending an email to a friend.


Lastly, sparking curiosity is a great way to rock your email subject line. If you have some mystery in your email subject, people will be curious to see what you’re talking about and click open your email!

2. Keep out of spam filters

You want to keep out of spam filters when emailing your list. The last thing you want is spending time and effort crafting an email just for it not to get read and end up in spam.

Not fun.

You have to be very careful about how you write your newsletter.

Try to avoid:

  • Trigger words
  • Lengthy subject lines and special characters
  • Super long email

So the main things you want to avoid are trigger words such as: free, click here, read more, act now, guarantee, spam, etc. You’ll also want to avoid yelling in all caps or using red text because that also comes off as spammy.

Keep your email short and sweet and your subject lines short too. Subject lines should be max 8 words and with no funky characters in them.

I stopped using emojis in my subject lines & my open rates increased! So mess around with it and see what works best for you.

3. Stay consistent

Consistency is key. Pick a day of the week you’ll be sending out your newsletters and stick to it.

Your subscribers will begin to expect your emails on certain days of the week and even look forward to them! And when it comes to consistency, it’s not just the day you send your email.

Stay consistent with the design you choose. Don’t change up the format of your email all the time.

Stick to one format with brand colors and your logo. Your subscribers will appreciate it and recognize you in their inbox every time you pop in.

4. Provide valuable content

This one is obvious! You need to provide valuable content for your readers. If you’re not giving value, your subscribers will see that and unsubscribe.

A good tip is to provide extra content that they normally can’t get on your blog. It’s an exchange of their email for your exclusive content.

It’s important to give tips, tricks, and resources in your email newsletters. Not just announcements of new blog posts.

Give them more & they will stay wanting more!

5. Encourage responses

Lastly, you want to encourage responses from your subscribers. Again, you want it to feel like you’re emailing a friend. Keep it friendly and personal.

Whenever I send out a newsletter, I always ask questions and encourage my readers to reply back with their responses. So they know there’s a real person behind the email!

Asking them to reply has worked a ton for me, I love answering emails & hearing from my subscribers.

Final Note

All in all, email marketing is so important when it comes to running an online business. So many bloggers out there tell me they don’t have email lists and I’m always shocked when I hear that.

It’s the only direct form of contact you have with your audience and how you can get in touch with them on the fly. You own your email list. So if you’re holding back on starting one, I recommend you start one ASAP.

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5 Actionable Tips To Revamp Your Email Newsletters
5 Actionable Tips To Revamp Your Email Newsletters
5 Actionable Tips To Revamp Your Email Newsletters