How To Write Your First Blog Post

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A question I often get asked in my inbox is “Where do I start? How do I write my first blog post?”

This can be a pretty overwhelming task when you’re just starting out!

You finally took the chance to start your blog and now you want to make sure everything goes smoothly. First impressions are everything so it’s easy to get caught up trying to come up with the perfect first blog post.

I, too, had no clue what to write for my first blog post once upon a time. And it ended up turning out pretty badly that eventually, as my blog grew more, I set it to private (LOL.)

You need a niche.

So before we get to writing your blog post, you need to make sure that you have a clear niche for your blog.

This is the topic that you will center all of your content around. If you struggling to nail down your niche, here’s a good post you might want to give a quick read!

It’s time to write your first post!

If you know your niche and you know exactly what all of your content will be about, it’s time to start thinking what your first blog post will be about.

There are a couple of ways to go about it. You can actually choose to start with an introductory post or you can choose to dive into a how-to or list type post.

The introductory post

With this option, you can use your first blog post to introduce yourself to your audience and let them know what type of content they can expect from you. You can share why you started your blog, your journey, and why your audience should stick around and hear what you have to say (or should I say read what you have to write?!)

Diving right in

If you choose to go the route of diving right in, you can write your post directly about the type of content you’ll be sharing on the blog. It can be a how-to post or a list post. If you’re wondering what those are, a how-to post is basically just what it’s called. A post teaching your readers how to do something.

So for example, if you’re a fashion blogger, you could create a post on how to style a jean jacket. For a list post, you could write a post on the 10 ways to style a maxi skirt… and so on and so forth!

A good tip is to brainstorm a handful of blog post ideas after your first post so that you have 2-3 pieces on content on the blog when you first launch. That way, if people love your first post, they can stay on your website and browse a little more.

Remember: There’s no right or wrong choice so don’t overthink how you’ll write your first blog post. It doesn’t need to be anything groundbreaking!

The anatomy of a blog post

Once you have an idea of what you’ll be writing, it’s time to put pen to paper. I like to start off with outlining my posts so let’s go over the actual structure of a blog post.

1. Blog post title

The first step is figuring out your blog post title or headline. This is what people will read for and it can be a deciding factor on whether or not they’ll actually click through to the post. So you want to make sure it’ll grab their attention. My favorite tool for coming up with powerful blog post titles is the Coschedule Headline Analyzer.

How To Write Your First Blog Post2. Introduction

The next thing is to craft an introduction. This is where your first impression comes in. You only get one chance to get it right! If you have a lousy introduction, people will just click out of your post.


You’ll want to create an interesting introduction that draws people in. You can give a hint of what you’ll be discussing but don’t give everything away — keep them on the edge of their seating wanting to read more!

And depending on what you’re writing about, even a story about your life or an experience you had could also make for a great introduction in your first blog post.

3. Content

Time for the content which is the most essential part of the post. This is where you’ll share your key points. Like an essay, this is the body of your blog post. It can be a few paragraphs long. I like to keep most of my blog posts at least 1,000 words long.

My biggest tip for the content portion of your blog post is to keep your paragraphs short and sweet. A lot of people skim when they read or they read your blog posts on mobile. Huge paragraphs can be overwhelming and hard on the eyes so just be sure to break everything up either with spaces or photos.

4. Conclusion

Last but not least is your conclusion. It’s time for you to wrap everything up and conclude your post. Recap what you taught in your blog post and include a call-to-action to get your audience to do something. If you have an email list or a social media platform, encourage your readers to join your list or follow you before they go.

This is an amazing way to keep your readers around and keep coming back for more.

Final note

Your first blog post can drive you nuts.

I know you might put off launching your blog just because you can’t figure out what to write first. A lot of people will say how important it is to do things right from the very beginning. While I wholeheartedly agree, it’s crucial not to take this piece of advice TOO seriously either.

Write from the heart and just let things flow. Your first blog post won’t make or break you. Just keep creating content and growing as a writer. Most bloggers will evolve over time, change niches, and get on a new path so just enjoy the ride.

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  1. Rosegianninii

    Founding this a great sight

  2. Paul @ SideGains

    Hi Amanda.

    This is a really lovely post for new bloggers, or those on the cusp of starting their blog unsure of how to proceed. Perhaps they’re holding back because of that fear we all face about how to proceed.

    Your first blog post can be a scary thing… I remember it well! The best way to overcome this fear is to take a process as you’ve outlined and try it out. It’s a process that requires practise but over time it gets a little easier. Each post you work on and publish builds confidence and as time passes you become more comfortable with the process and you improve.

    Your first blog post is a big step, but when all is said and done… it’s just a step!

  3. Newton Onukwusi

    I’m not really disciplined when it comes to writing blog posts but i am trying my best and thanks for passing these key points in writing a blog post…

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