How To Become A Full-Time Blogger With Little Traffic To Your Website

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The path to becoming a full-time blogger is not an easy one. But one thing it definitely involves is taking the proper steps to monetize your blog. And there are so many different ways to do this! The most popular ways bloggers make money from their blogs are ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, digital products, and offering services.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of these methods are pretty passive and take a significant amount of traffic to see real results and more than just pennies.

This is the last post in my Make Money Blogging Series:

Building up your traffic and growing an audience takes time for most of us (don’t let wild income reports cloud your thoughts & make you feel down about your blog!) It’s not always possible to grow so quickly overnight, especially when you’re still learning so much along the way. That’s just the reality.

So what’s a girl to do when you are ready to turn your blog into a business NOW and you need the money?!

Today’s post is all about the hidden gem that is offering services and how you can use this strategy to become a full-time blogger with little traffic to your website.

Why traffic doesn’t always matter

So like I mentioned, a lot of the ways people think are the “right” ways to monetize your blog are passive. You need quite a bit of pageviews to be able to pay the bills from ads and things like that.

While YES, you can 100% build a business through these income streams, I personally found the most success by offering services. And I was able to go full-time in my business with just 4,000 monthly pageviews on my blog.

When it comes to offering services, traffic doesn’t matter as long as you can attract your ideal client.

Plus, offering services can give you a steady stream of income especially if you keep clients on a monthly retainer. Meanwhile, you might sell digital products and have a huge launch one month with great sales and then it dies down the next month. It can be unreliable at times.

The great thing about offering services on your blog is that you can still focus on building up your traffic and other income streams on the side. Don’t think just because you offer services that it’s something you have to do forever (though you might end up loving it!)

Another great thing about services is that you can charge significantly more for a service than you would for say, an ebook.

Obviously, there’s no right or wrong way to monetize your blog, but a lot of people don’t even realize that this is an option for them!

What services you can offer

So if you’re thinking to yourself that maybe offering services could be right for you, you might be wondering what kind of services you should offer. And there are SO many options. Let’s take a look at the endless options.


First of all, you know you love blogging but did you know you could get paid to do freelance blogging? I did this for a few months and made a decent chunk of money during that time. What this means is that you get paid to write blog posts for other people – kind of like a ghostwriter.

You already know how to write a blog post and know the in’s and out’s of the whole process. Many businesses and even other bloggers need writers to help them create content for their website. I used UpWork to land blog writing opportunities. Check out UpWork, set up your profile and start applying!

Writing is a very competitive niche on UpWork so I actually got rejected when I first applied. Then, I applied with a different niche (another skill I was experienced in) and was able to get accepted and eventually land writing gigs once I was in.

Web Design

Are you skilled at web design? If you know what you’re doing when it comes to creating websites, you might try your hand at offering web design services on your blog. Web design is SO popular because so many businesses want to have a beautiful and powerful online presence.

If you’re well-versed in WordPress or Squarespace, think about whether you’d like to offer a service like this. You can design websites for your clients and make some good money online!

Social Media Management

Is social media more your thing? So many bloggers out there want to have a good online presence to reach their audiences and connect. If you know all about creating and growing an engaged audience on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can offer social media management packages on your blog and take on clients.

And you don’t just have to do social media for bloggers either – you could easily market your services to small businesses too.

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Pinterest Management

This one is my FAVORITE! Obviously, I’m biased 😉 That’s because I offer Pinterest Management services on my blog and I’ve been able to build an entire business & full-time income from this type of service.

I manage Pinterest accounts for entrepreneurs and small businesses. I take over their account, optimize it, create graphics, and build a strategy to grow their traffic from Pinterest. And I work with clients on a monthly retainer and offer one-time services too. So my income is somewhat pretty steady with this recurring revenue and this allowed me to finally become a full-time blogger.

Yes, it’s super specific BUT that’s why it works so well. Because I am niched down to this one specific type of service, I can reach more people in a smaller industry. Even if Pinterest management isn’t for you, if there’s one thing you can take away from this is BE SPECIFIC & HAVE A NICHE!

Virtual Assistant Services

Have you heard of a virtual assistant? Being a virtual assistant is a pretty popular service bloggers offer as a way to monetize.

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Being an assistant… but virtually! You can become a VA for other more seasoned bloggers or online businesses and be headed on your way to being a full-time blogger. There are a wide range of services you can offer as a VA and it’s totally up to your skill set for which ones you want to offer.

These are some ideas:

  • Write blog posts
  • Write social media captions
  • Email marketing
  • Customer service through email, chat, etc.
  • Inbox management
  • Bookkeeping
  • Invoicing
  • Editing videos
  • Creating graphics
  • Ad management

And literally so much more. I’m not kidding.

Graphic Design

Next up is graphic design. If you’re familiar with design, you can create graphics for your clients. If you’re comfortable with Photoshop (or yes, even Canva) you might consider graphic design services.

You can offer logo design, social media graphics, ebook design, etc.


Photographers can make money online too! Bloggers that are really good with a camera can make money by offering virtual photography services. You don’t have to show up and shoot a session! An awesome way you can take on clients is by offering custom brand photography.

You know those flat lays and product photos? Someone has to take them! And most of the time, there aren’t people in the photos so this is a job you can do in your PJs if you want.

Clients could tell you what style and vibe photos they like and you can create the scene in the comfort of your home for them to use on their blogs, courses, etc. You could buy props (work that into your pricing) and even have the brand ship their products to you to photograph.


Last but not least is one of the most popular and profitable services that an aspiring full-time blogger can offer – and that’s coaching! You can coach your clients in basically any niche out there. If you know how to do something and there’s demand for people wanting to learn about this very thing, you can become a coach.

Though not many beginner bloggers choose this route (imposter syndrome, right?!) It can be something you can consider down the line once you refine your skills and build your experience.

How to figure out which services are right for you

So you know there are millions of options for services you can offer on your blog to jumpstart your blogging career. But how do you choose what type of service you should offer?

It really depends on a combination of both your skills & experience as well as what you’re comfortable doing. Experiment a bit and do research on each possible service you might want to offer. And don’t think the first service you come up with or even start offering is what you have to do forever. I started off freelance writing and now I manage Pinterest accounts. So you CAN change if you find something else that piques your interest.

You could also check out what types of services other bloggers in your niche are offering too. Let me know what service you decide to offer!

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