7 Tools and Systems You Need To Grow Your Email List

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7 Tools and Systems You Need To Grow Your Email List

If you’ve been hard at work trying to grow your email list but you’re still getting crickets when you send out emails, you might be interested in learning about what tools you need for list building!

Having an email list is essential because it is one of the best marketing strategies for your business because it is the one way you can directly connect with your audience.

You want to be able to convince your audience to leave their email address before they leave your website so that you can keep in contact with them and increase the chances that they will return.

There are a few tools and systems you can put in place to help you start gaining more subscribers.

7 Tools and Systems You Need To Grow Your Email List

1. Canva

I’m always talking about how much I love Canva and it’s true! It’s so useful many, many things. And you can use it to help you grow your email list.

If you’re wondering how — what I mean is with helping you create opt-in freebies to offer to your audience.

A great way to grow your audience and get more subscribers is by offering something of value in return for their email address. Some things you could offer include workbooks, checklists, videos, masterclasses, graphics, etc. Read this post here to learn more about opt-in freebies and which ones you can offer!

You can use Canva, a completely free graphic design website, to help create these opt-in freebies. Canva is filled with tons of templates and tutorials to help you create something your readers will love.

2. Hello Bar

Another neat tool that can help you collect more email addresses is Hello Bar.

Hello Bar is a free tool that shows a bar up at the top of your blog which you can customize and leave a message and encourage readers to click, leading them to a landing page where they can enter their information.

This website bar is great for catching people’s attention, sharing announcements, and promoting events or sales.

3. Elementor Landing Page Builder

Next up is one of my top favorites of all time: the Elementor plugin! This plugin is completely free and can be used to create landing pages.

If you don’t know what a landing page is, it’s a page specifically for one thing — either to promote an opt-in, online course, product, etc. This type of page focuses on the content you’re trying to promote so it typically does not have your website header, footer or menu.

It’s designed to be extremely simple so that there are no other distractions that website visitors can click away to.

So the great thing about the plugin is the super easy-to-use interface. You can drag and drop elements to create a completely customized landing page or you can purchase landing page templates if you find that you want something a little more ready-made (that’s what I did!)

4. Pinterest & Tailwind

Pinterest is the BOMB! I have been able to grow my traffic exponentially and make money from my blog because of Pinterest (plus I became a Pinterest Manager so I might be a little biased!)

Pinterest is a visual search engine NOT social media and that’s why it’s so powerful. People often go to Pinterest with a purpose. They are looking for something specific to solve a problem. So you should definitely be using Pinterest to not only grow your blog but also grow your email list.

You can create pin graphics for your blog posts as well as graphics specifically for your opt-in freebies leading to a landing page.

Remember how we said no distractions?! That’s why when people come to Pinterest looking for an answer, land on your landing page, they convert into subscribers because you have exactly what they are looking for.

Another great tool for maximizing your Pinterest growth is a pin scheduler called Tailwind. While this tool isn’t free (about $15/month), it does do wonders for your traffic as well as give you access to Tailwind Tribes which are a much more powerful version of Pinterest group boards.

To learn more about Tailwind, check out these posts:

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5. Social Media

So while Pinterest isn’t social media, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are! They’re free platforms you should be taking advantage of.

You should be promoting your blog content and freebies across your socials. Here are some ideas to help you promote your email list on social media:

  • When creating an opt-in freebie, go on Instagram and show behind the scenes of what you’re working on so people become aware of it. Then, share the final product with a link in your bio when it’s complete. You can also use the Questions feature to have people enter their email addresses to receive it.
  • When writing a value-packed email newsletter, show behind the scenes and share a tidbit of what you’re writing, Then, ask your followers if they’re interested in reading it to send you a DM so that you can add them to your list.
  • Share your posts that contain opt-in freebies in Facebook groups where your ideal audience hangs out.
  • Schedule out tweets using Buffer to share your top posts & freebies on autopilot.

And there are so many other ways you can promote your content and grow your email list on social media. People love to see behind the scenes so that’s a really popular way to do it.

People love to see behind the scenes so don't be afraid to show the real you in your business! Click To Tweet

6. Popups

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. I know everyone hates popups but believe it or not, they work. According to statistics as well as my own observations with my blog, they convert extremely well.

When I use popups on my blog, they are always the highest converting forms and collect the most email addresses for me.

So how can you set up popups? Most likely, whatever email marketing program you use will offer that option for you. I use MailerLite (you can start your email list for free with this link) and they offer popups as an option and they are very easy to set up with a simple snippet of code.

MailerLite offers regular popups that you can choose to appear after a few seconds that a visitor lands on your website. Or you can use exit-intent popups. This means that the popup appears right as the person is trying to leave your website — kind of like a “before you go…”

You can use a tool like Opt-In Monster or Sumo to set up exit-intent popups (but they’re not free, you can get a free trial though!)

7. Opt-in Banners

Last but not least, adding opt-in banners are a great way to increase conversions and grow your email list.

You can see a couple of opt-in banners throughout this post! They are graphic banners that show your opt-in freebie, a bit of information about the download, and a call-to-action button encouraging readers to act.

These banners are easy to create on Canva yourself. You’ll just need a screenshot of your freebie as well as some information about it. You can also use images of tech to mockup the download and made it look awesome!

Combining Tools & Techniques

These 7 tools are awesome for helping you gain subscribers and grow your email list. The best thing you can do is pick out your favorites and combine them to create a strategy that works for you.

For example, you could do the opt-in banners, popups, and social media. Or maybe you want to do Pinterest, Hello Bar, and a resource library. Whatever the case may be, the best way to build your list is to offer opt-in freebies and remember: don’t be afraid to promote them!

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