How To Create A Welcome Series To Nurture Your Email List

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How To Create A Welcome Series To Nurture Your Email List

If people are subscribing to your email list — AWESOME!

That’s exactly what you want to happen. But you might be wondering what to send them once they’re on your list.

It’s super important to have a strategy so that they will want to stay on your list and even eventually become customers or clients.

The very first email you send a subscriber is your first impression. And you only get to make a first impression once!

And that is why creating a welcome series is so essential to your email marketing strategy.

What is a welcome series?

A welcome series is a set of emails you send to a subscriber before you start sending them your “regular” newsletter. It’s kind of like a warm introduction. You want them to get to know you and understand the kind of value you have to offer.

You might be thinking “well, why can’t I send just one welcome email and move on?”

While yes, this is technically much easier to do, it is highly recommended to create a series of emails that you send to subscribers over a period of time. This is because you want to provide important information and value into your initial emails.

If you only had one email to send, it might be information overload for your subscriber and it could be a total turn off. Or they might just totally miss your first email because their inbox is flooded. You just never really know!

Basically, your first few emails you send are the most important you will ever send. Especially if they sign up from an opt-in freebie.

If you send them a few emails related to that opt-in freebie, odds are they will be interested, engaged, and you can eventually nurture them into sales.

What to include in your welcome series

So there are a few emails you can include in your welcome series. Let’s dive in:

#1 Your opt-in

If they signed up for an opt-in, here’s where you would provide that! In your first email, make sure to give them their freebie or give them the password to your free resource library.

#2 Your story

You want to get on a personal level with your subscribers. Tell them who you are, what you do and what your story is.

This is your chance to be memorable and make a lasting impression in their mind. They’ve just signed up for your emails & given you direct access to their inbox, so you should definitely be introducing yourself!

#3 What they can expect from you

Let them know what they can expect from you. What kind of newsletters do you offer? What kind of tips can they expect to get from you? How often should they expect to hear from you?

Make it known what kind of content will be landing in their inbox so they can make sure it’s something that they’re interested in.

If you write about multiple different topics, it’s a good idea to try and find one common thread to tie them all together and make that your main focus and mention that in your welcome sequence.

Then later, you can set up your emails in a way that covers both topics (maybe an Organization Tips Wednesday newsletter & Friday Recipes series! You get the picture!)

#4 Whitelist

Your emails might land in their spam box! This is definitely a possibility and it’s the last thing you want to happen. So what you can do to combat this is telling them to whitelist your email address.

To prevent email providers from kicking you into spam, you can ask them to move your email into their primary inbox or add you as a contact.

Another way to get whitelisted is to ask your subscribers a question at the end of your email and encourage them to reply to you with their responses.

It gives the human aspect that there’s a real person behind these automated emails, encourages engagement, and helps you avoid the spam filter.

Setting up the tech side of things

Now that you know what should go in your welcome series, it’s important to know how to set it up.

Once you know what you’re writing, you’ll want to divvy up your content into a handful of emails and space them out over a certain amount of time.

You want your welcome series to be automated so that as soon as they subscribe, the first email lands in their inbox with no extra work from you.

The best way to do this is by setting up automation sequences with your email provider. I personally use MailerLite to manage my email list and with them, it’s so easy to set up automated emails.

Go to Automation > Create A New Workflow and then MailerLite will take you directly to the workflow builder that looks like this:

Choose to trigger the workflow when a subscriber joins a group. You can create a group called Welcome Series so that when someone signs up for your newsletter or a freebie, they automatically go to that group and immediately start your series of welcome emails.

A welcome series can be anywhere from 3-5 emails and you can space them out as much as you’d like. You can space them out 1-2 days apart so that you still have their attention captured.

Then, you can funnel them into your regular weekly newsletter!

Final thoughts

Welcome series emails are soooo important. Do not ignore them and do not think one simple email is enough!

Welcome emails have the highest open rates compared to any other email so take advantage of that information and carefully craft a well-thought-out welcome series that will have your readers engaged and leave them wanting to read more of your content!

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  1. Jessica

    Hey Amanda! I really love this blog post! I’m launching my blog next month and I read this exactly when I needed it, so I’ll get to work on my welcome series right away! Thanks 😉

    1. Amanda

      Yay! So happy to hear that. Welcome series are sooo important and something that many bloggers add later on. So it’s AWESOME to see you getting ahead and doing it before you even launch! Good luck ♥

  2. Ashley

    I’m seriously considering starting an email list soon for my blog, this has been so helpful!

    1. Amanda

      You definitely should get started ASAP!! Let me know if you have any questions!

  3. Melissa

    I clicked on the Welcome series link and not working. Can you direct t me to this please – Thanks

    1. Amanda

      Hi Melissa, I don’t see which link you clicked on that is not working? Send me an email and I can check it out for you 🙂

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