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How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

Let’s talk quizzes. Not too long ago I didn’t even know you could embed quizzes into blog posts. I came across a few on some of my favorite blogs and I was blown away by how awesome they are! They are a really awesome way to attract your target audience and boost your email list. They also have the potential to keep readers on your website longer. Quizzes can make a huge impact on your blog… plus they’re fun.

And pretty freakin’ clever if you ask me. So when I discovered the potential to nurture + build my email list while at the same time getting my audience to really interact — I was hooked. Email list building is tough. And while you’ve got your audience engaging with you on social media, it’s still not enough. You don’t own your social media accounts. Your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook? Yeah, what if they decided to shut down your account one day just out of the blue. Then what? You are back to square one, babe.

But an email list is yours. It helps you reach your readers no matter what. You own it.ย 

You have to work on growing your list and there are a million different ways to do so. But what if I told you that there is a better way to market and promote your blog or business? A way to stand out and grow your list in a different way. Sure you could create endless downloadable freebies to get people to fork over their beloved email addresses… but what if there was something quicker and easier?

That’s where interactive quizzes come in.

What are interactive quizzes?

Interactive quizzes are so popular right now. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of quizzes floating around on BuzzFeed or Facebook. Most of them are personality quizzes like “what kind of ______ are you?” The quizzes ask a series of questions that take just a few minutes to complete and once users get to the end of the quiz, they put in their email addresses in order to get their results.

Never seen a quiz before? Check out mine!

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Why should I use them?

Great question! Interactive quizzes are huge lead magnets and have high conversion rates. They are a great way to get emails from your audience that isn’t a typical freebie. Plus, make it once and it generates leads for you over and over again.

It took me about half a day to create a quiz with Interact. The platform is super easy to work with and there can be used for virtually any niche or business. You can also segment your email list based on the different personality types of your subscribers.

Interactive quizzes allow you to see who is interested in certain things so that you can tailor your emails to the right audience. Maybe you don’t want to send the same email to everyone because it simply doesn’t apply to everyone.

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Why I love using Interact

I use Interact to build all of my quizzes and they are seriously my favorite platform. The Interact Quiz Builder lets you customize your quizzes with different colors, fonts, and images so that you can match the quiz to the exact branding of your blog or business. You can even add your logo!

There are so many different things you can do with this quiz builder. You can create a quiz 100% from scratch and specific to your needs. If you’re not sure what kind of quiz you want to create, there are also a bunch of ready-made templates that you can use as is. You can add images to each question along with a cover image, or just go with no visuals at all. It’s completely up to you. Another great feature is that Interact allows you to include a Call To Action button on each result of the quiz. You know we love those CTA’s big time!

The CTA could lead users to related blog posts or relevant products you are selling. This keeps your audience on your website longer and can lead to purchases as well. My absolute favorite feature of the platform is definitely the ability to integrate it with your email service provider.

The process of automatically integrating it with MailerLite was a breeze and very seamless. But MailerLite isn’t the only one! They can integrate with ConvertKit, MailChimp, Constant Contact and more.ย 

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Now I know what you’re thinking…

How do I create one?!

Here’s exactly how to create your own interactive quiz:

1. Log into the Interact website.

2. Click Quizzes in the sidebar.

3. Click on the Create New Quiz button.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

4. Choose the whether you want to create a quiz from scratch or use a pre-made one.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

If you decide that you want to create your own, you’ll have the option to decide on what type of quiz you want to create. If you want to “grade” the quiz, you’d pick Assessment. Then, there are personality quizzes (the most popular) and scored quizzes which tally up a score based on what the user answered.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

5. Start building your quiz!

Here’s what it looks like once you get to the building screen. You can start by adding titles, colors, and images by clicking on the links in the left-hand menu.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

At this point, you can use multiple choice questions, true or false. Whatever you’d like depending on the type of quiz you are creating. While you could leave each page without visuals, I prefer to include images on each result page just because I think it looks way better this way.

Here’s how it looks when you’re working with your questions:

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

In the upper right-hand corner of this screen, you’ll see an option that says “Edit Results Correlation.” Here you can easily drag and drop what answers you want to correlate with each result.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

See how easy it is?!

6. Set up your opt-form and email integration.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

Set up the quiz to collect emails and send them straight to your email service provider by selecting one of the options on the screen. You can set up the results or answers to segment your list to specific groups and as a result, you’ll get a better idea of who your subscribers are. Or you can simply have each user automatically subscribed to your email list. It depends on how detailed and thorough you want to get with the process and what you’ll be using the results for.

7. Hit Publish!

Lastly, it’s time is to get the show on the road + finally let the quiz go live. You can decide to create a landing page for it on your blog or embed it in different ways.

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List

If you decide to embed it directly on your website, Interact will provide you with a shortcode or give you the option to install their plugin on your blog. You can either embed it on relevant blog posts or make new pages solely for the quiz itself (or both!)

I have had an excellent experience with Interact because they are so simple and straightforward to work with. The lead generation has been amazing compared to other methods of list building. I can’t wait to create more interactive quizzes for my blog in the future!

Have you tried quizzes for your blog before? Did they work?

How To Use Interactive Quizzes To Boost Your Email List