How To Master Pinterest Marketing In 2020

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Pinterest is a platform that is constantly changing. If you’ve been finding yourself frustrated at the lack of growth on Pinterest lately… That’s because there have been some huge changes to the platform this year.

Whether you’re an avid pinner or you’re brand new to the platform, there are some key things you need to keep in mind to build a solid strategy and stay current on Pinterest’s best practices. It’s time to master Pinterest marketing in 2020 for your business once and for all!

What should you focus on for your Pinterest marketing in 2020?

So you might be wondering what’s new! Let’s dive in and talk about all of the updates and changes that are happening in Pinterest so you can tweak your strategy and focus on what matters the most.

#1 Creating multiple high-quality pins for your content

The first thing you should be focusing on is creating high-quality pins for your content. And tons of them — stat!

pinterest marketing in 2020

You should always be creating clickworthy pins for your blog posts, freebies, and other content for your website (Here’s a guide on Pinterest’s best practices for designing pins that convert!)

But you should be shifting your processes and making sure that you are creating multiple pins for every single piece of content. Pinterest now wants fresh pins more than ever.

Creating a pin for a post doesn’t cut it anymore. You should be designing anywhere from 3-5 new pin graphics for every new blog post you publish.

Don’t worry if this sounds like a lot — having templates makes this really easy to do because you can tweak the design, swap out the photos and change out the text.

Having more pins means that you’re boosting your distribution on Pinterest even more. It gives your content more chances to be seen. You should also be creating new graphics for old content as well so that you can breathe new life into it!

Instead of repinning old content over and over again, you need to focus on image creation now more than anything. This is because, with new images, you have a better chance of people finding and clicking through to your content.

If you have the time, try creating 5-10 new pin graphics with Canva (or the graphic design tool of your choice!) every single week and see how it goes! I find that doing this has really helped with my reach and has helped me grow my traffic even more.

TIP: Pick out a handful of your top-performing posts and make new pins for them every week!

The biggest thing to remember is to create thoughtfully. Think about relevance, quality over quantity, and optimize your pins for the type of audience that you want to attract.

Here’s an example of how to create multiple pins for the same post:

pinterest pins

Image source: Tailwind

#2 Researching keywords and focusing on SEO

It’s time to double down on SEO!

Search engine optimization is not just for Google. It’s just as important on Pinterest.

When you’re ready to publish a new pin on Pinterest, it needs to include keywords in its title and description. You’ll also want to make sure your profile, board names, board descriptions, image titles and much more are also keyworded correctly.

You can find niche-specific keywords through Pinterest itself by simply using the search bar and analyzing the top results as well as the colored tiles across the top of the page.

pinterest smart search

When I type in the word “blogging,” the results show me more keywords that I can use to follow up and create phrases such as “blogging for beginners.”

Once you choose a keyword, for pin descriptions, it’s important to come up with a handful of sentences that pertain to your keyword and pique the reader’s interest to click through your pin to your website.

Be sure to take advantage of all of your precious real estate and include keywords in these places:

  • Pin file name
  • On the pin graphic itself
  • Pin title
  • Pin description
  • URL
  • Board names
  • Board descriptions
  • Profile name

and so much more!

Be creative when it comes to optimizing your content but don’t be spammy! Which leads us to #3…

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#3 Using the Tailwind SmartGuide

On the heels of this huge update from Pinterest, Tailwind just announced their newest feature: Tailwind SmartGuide.

If you’re not using Tailwind yet… you should be! It’s the best Pinterest automation tool out there. Click here to grab your free trial of 100 scheduled pins!

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Tailwind SmartGuide is a gamechanger that will make Pinterest marketing in 2020 a breeze for you and your business. It keeps you up to date with Pinterest’s best practices so you can spend more time doing what you do best!

What does the SmartGuide do exactly?

  • It constantly monitors your pinning and alerts you if what you’re doing is coming off as spammy or putting your account at risk
  • It also suggests changes you can make so you can stay out of Pinterest jail and keep a healthy account
  • SmartGuide will keep you up to date on all the latest Pinterest best practices because they’re working together as close partners (cool, huh?!)

With the SmartGuide, your Tailwind queue will show a badge at the top and will let you know if your schedule is all clear or needs some tweaking.

tailwind tool for pinterest marketing
Image source: Tailwind

If you’re showing some spammy behavior on Tailwind, they’ll let you know! Here’s what it looks like when SmartGuide alerts you about your pinning behaviors:

pinterest marketing
Image source: Tailwind

#4 Experiment with video pins

It is no understatement that video pins on Pinterest right now are HOT. They are gathering so much steam because they are still pretty new! Not many people are using them yet so this is a great chance to put your content at the top of the feed or in search results.

If you have any type of videos of your content, products, service, etc. Now is the time to repurpose them and turn them into video pins for Pinterest. Here is an example of one of my video pins!

I strongly encourage you to give them a shot! And if video is not your strength, you can use Canva to create animated graphics for Pinterest with just a few clicks.

Final thoughts

Pinterest is constantly changing and it is up to us as marketers to stay on top of these changes, roll with the punches, and adapt. Pinterest is a powerful platform that helps you reach new people, inspire others, and connect with your community.

The biggest takeaways from the changes in Pinterest marketing in 2020 is to never stop creating. I’m a creator first and foremost and it is my biggest passion to create things and set them off into the world. Use that to help you continue to create new, fresh, high-quality content that will help your audience.

Keep playing around with your strategy and tweaking things until you find something that works for you. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Pinterest marketing. I encourage you to dive deep into this year’s changes and stay up to date with Pinterest’s best practices so you can continue to use it to grow your business.

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  1. This post is filled with amazing tips! I completely agree about video pins, they are such a powerful tool and something everyone should try.
    Also, just wanted to say how much I love the new look of your website! And the new name is amazing! I’m so excited and happy for you!

    1. Amanda

      I’m so glad you find it helpful! Video pins are something I’ve been experimenting with lately and they’re awesome. Thank you so much, Valentina!! I am so excited about this new shift in my business 🙂

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