5 Reasons To Start A Pinterest Management Business

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5 Reasons To Start A Pinterest Management Business

What is Pinterest management? Pinterest management is a type of online business. It’s an excellent way to make money online and it’s actually what I do for a living!

I’m a full-time Pinterest Manager. This means that I manage Pinterest accounts for all kinds of bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. I craft optimized strategies for their businesses and work on their accounts on a daily basis.

When I made the big choice to become a Pinterest Manager, my life forever changed. It was the best decision for my life. I was able to leave my job and go full-time in my own business within 6 months. And 2 years later, I have a roster of amazing clients and I’m fully booked out.

If you’re ready to dive into entrepreneurship too, you might be considering the option of starting a Pinterest management business yourself. Here are 5 reasons why you should!

1. Freedom and flexibility

It is no exaggeration when I say this is the most flexible job I’ve ever had. If you too are looking for something flexible, this is it! As a Pinterest Manager, you get to set your own schedule. you can set your own hours, choose your days, and so much more.

I personally work 4 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm. But I can easily take a day off if I feel sick or something comes up.

2. Extra income potential

If you’re not looking to go into business for yourself, there is still a ton of extra income potential for side hustlers.

Maybe you just want some extra spending money or you want to be able to stay home with your kids, whatever the case may be, becoming a Pinterest Manager can help!

Because it’s so flexible and you can set your own hours, you can decide to take on just one or two clients and work a few hours a week.

You can work from your phone in the Pinterest app and you can set your clients’ accounts on autopilot with schedulers.

3. Pinterest is the next big thing

If you’re thinking “Isn’t Pinterest just the place where I do to look up DIYs and recipes?”

Think again! Pinterest is up and coming and it’s seriously the next big thing when it comes to digital marketing.

Pinterest is actually a visual search engine. And there are over 250 million monthly active users on the platform.

93% of those Pinners use the platform to plan out their future purchases.

87% of people on Pinterest have purchased a product because they saw it on Pinterest.

Pins “live” longer on Pinterest compared to any other platform. This is why it is so valuable for many entrepreneurs and small businesses. As more and more people turn to Pinterest for their marketing efforts, there are more people in search of an expert to manage the accounts.

4. You can explore your creativity

This is one of my favorite things about being a Pinterest Manager. A big part of what I do is design pin graphics for my clients. I have many different clients across various niches.

So I get to challenge myself and use my creativity to craft all kinds of beautiful, high-converting pins for so many different businesses. I get to test multiple design styles and it’s honestly so rewarding when I show a client a design and they love it!

5. It’s a location independent career

Lastly, it is a location independent career. You can run your Pinterest Management business from anywhere in the world!

You can work on your laptop at the beach, from the coffee shop or your couch. And having the power to choose and have a different “office” every day is something truly incredible.

I started my Pinterest Management business when I was living abroad in Spain. I was able to manage accounts and work with my clients while traveling across Europe.

Nobody really cared where I was located and when I moved back home to the United States, the transition went off without a hitch.

Nowadays, I simply take my laptop on the go and I can work from anywhere I want to.

All in all, starting a Pinterest management business was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I now work full-time from home making more than I ever did at any of my other jobs. I’ve even been able to establish myself as an expert in Pinterest Marketing.

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