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If you told me three years ago that pinning on Pinterest would be my full-time job, I’d laugh in your face. What a joke. But oddly enough, that’s exactly what I do!

Pinterest marketing changed my world.

And no, I don’t work for Pinterest! But what I mean is that I spend my entire work week pinning on Pinterest and working on the platform because I offer Pinterest Management Services.

This is the second post in my Make Money Blogging Series:

I’m a Pinterest Manager. I manage Pinterest accounts for blogs and businesses around the world. I design Pinterest graphics, fill Tailwind queues, manage Tailwind Tribes, and so much more.

I’m able to help entrepreneurs transform their businesses, reach more people, and make more sales.

Why Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest is a complete powerhouse when it comes to growing your blog and business. It’s an unlimited fountain of free traffic.

And that’s because Pinterest has over 291 million active users! Imagine if you could tap into just a fraction of that. What would your business look like?

Pinterest is essential to building your blog because of the type of platform that it is. It’s is not social media despite what you might think. It’s actually a visual search engine.

It makes sense when you think about users’ habits when they’re using it. Pinners go on Pinterest in search of a solution to their problem. They’re already in buying mode. What more could you want?!

So many businesses out there don’t even realize this about Pinterest. Even I used to think it was solely the place where I went to find recipes. But when you think about it a little deeper, those are blogs & businesses that are sharing those recipes on there! So it all just really makes sense and that’s why I’m so passionate about sharing my love for Pinterest marketing.

How I Got Here

Now you know what I do & WHY. But let’s talk about how I actually got here (I’ll include dates so you can see the timeline of my journey.)

I never intended to become a Pinterest Manager. Hell, I never intended to become a blogger or an entrepreneur for that matter.

While I was in college studying business management. At the time, I was working a couple of dead-end job as a bank teller and then later as a call center agent.

I always figured when I graduated, I’d land some 9-5 job and do that forever. But I quickly realized I hated the corporate world. So I starting looking for a new hobby to look forward to at the end of the day. And that’s how my blog came about.

It started off as a beauty blog (August 2016) where I shared my love for makeup (still love it!) And I did that for a while and it was going very well.

I started making money, landing brand collabs and it was just a really great side hustle for a while. Then, I started doing research on how I could grow my blog even more and I just fell into this huge black hole of Googling.

I stumbled upon what would become my all-time favorite blog and I devoured all of the incredible blogging and Pinterest marketing resources & realized I needed to be on Pinterest to increase my traffic.

After a few months, my traffic was growing and I decided to share it on my blog. People started asking me how I did it and I thought “wow, people really want to hear this from me!”

I ended up rebranding my blog to what it is now and starting writing about all things blogging and business. I enrolled in a Pinterest course & Pinterest Manager course to uplevel my skills even further.

And the rest is history!!

Pinterest Management Services

It’s no understatement that offering the services in my business changed my life. When I discovered that yes, it is possible to be a full-time blogger — I was hooked. I felt like I never wanted anything else so bad in my life.

But I’m going to be honest with you. IT IS HARD WORK. This didn’t happen overnight. It took me two years before I would go full-time in my business.

I used to get so discouraged when I read those posts about how bloggers made XYZ amount of money in their first month blogging. My blog wasn’t even monetized during the first month and I was still spending so much time tweaking my theme and writing my first post.

It took me 9 months before I’d even seen my first dollar!

I started off with ads and sponsored posts through Social Fabric and Social Native. It was great side money but I was desperately hating my job and the money I was making from my blog wasn’t enough.

And it was growing at a very slow pace. I knew it would take quite long to build up my traffic enough to make significant money from ads and affiliate marketing.

So when I read on that blogger’s website that she was able to work full-time in her business by offering Pinterest services — I jumped at the chance to take her course about becoming a Pinterest Manager (this was some time at the end of 2017!) I don’t believe she offers it anymore though.

From taking the course to landing my first paying client? Less than 6 months! I landed my first client in May 2018 (I was a bit slow at taking the course and implementing what I learned, ha.) After taking a month or two to fully go through the course, I decided to build my portfolio because I figured who would hire me if I had no experience to show for it?

I went into a blogger Facebook group and shared that I was offering a handful of FREE Pinterest Account services in exchange for testimonials. It was a lot of hard work for no pay but it is ultimately what led me to my first paying client.

Then by August 2018, I had a full client roster and made the scary decision to go full time in my business. The growth was incredible.

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How Offering Services Changed My Life

Offering Pinterest Management Services instead of waiting around desperately trying to grow my blog traffic is what made all the difference for me.

If I could go back in time, I wish I would’ve started offering services sooner! It allowed me to start making more money in a shorter amount of time and it helped me finally get to that level I wanted to be at.

The great thing about offering services is that you can significantly increase your income (and even go full-time) at the same time as growing your traffic on the side. Then, eventually, you can diversify your income and add revenue streams from affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, and even digital products!

I wish someone had told me about the option of offering services on my blog. If your blog growth is slow & steady but you need money quickly, I highly encourage you to consider doing it through service-based business.

You might end up loving it like I do or it could be temporary as you continue to work on building your blog!

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