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How To Quickly Publish Your Pin Designs To Pinterest With Canva

Canva is a really amazing design tool for the non-designer. It’s my favorite resource to recommend to those who don’t exactly know how to use programs like Photoshop. Plus, it’s free!!

So when it comes to Pinterest marketing, Canva is the best place to design your pins quickly and with ease. You can learn about how to design Pinterest graphics with Canva in this post.

Another great thing about the tool is just how many design elements and features it comes with. And they’re always adding more. But one thing I want to share with you is the ability to directly publish pins with Canva.

This is such a time-saving feature (that not a lot of people know about!) because it saves you from having to download the design to your computer, switching over the Pinterest and then manually uploading it there.

How To Publish Pins With Canva

1. Create a pin graphic

So the first thing you need to do is obviously create a Pinterest graphic on Canva! There are a few ways to do this. You can use the free existing templates on Canva in the correct optimized size for Pinterest, you can start from scratch and create your own, or you can purchase a set of my Pinterest templates for bloggers from my shop.

If you choose to start from scratch, you can use the many elements for free that Canva has.

You can also download my free Pin Design Checklist to help you learn the anatomy of a viral pin.

If you want to use an existing free template from Canva, those will pop up on the left-hand side menu and you can browse through based on your niche. There are sooo many options like food, wedding, etc.

As for my optimized templates, you can get access to the template directly, swap out the photos, change the colors to match your branding, and change your text and voila!

It’s all pretty simple.

2. Click Publish

So once you have your graphics created, it’s time to publish pins with Canva!

In the upper right-hand corner, you will see a button that says Publish to Pinterest. When you click on it, it’ll look like this:

3. Connect your Pinterest account (if you haven’t done so!)

If your Pinterest account isn’t connected yet, you’re going to want to do this now. When you click Connect Pinterest, a popup will come out asking you to authorize Canva where you can click “Okay.”

4. Select which board you want to pin your design on

After your Pinterest account is connected to Canva, you will be able to see an entire list of all your Pinterest boards there and you can choose which one you want to publish your pin to.

I recommend publishing your pin to the most relevant board first!

5. Write out your pin description & hit Publish

When you choose the board, it’ll also give you a textbox to write in your pin description.

Your pin description is super important and should be keyword-rich to help get your pin in front of more eyes. You can learn all about keywording and crafting powerful pin descriptions with this tutorial.

Once that’s done, you can hit Publish and your pin will appear on the board you chose!

That’s a wrap!

It seems like something so simple, but many people don’t realize just how easy it is to publish pins with Canva directly to Pinterest without having to download your pin graphics and uploading them.

Canva is an incredible resource and they are constantly updating their website with fun features and tools to help you create beautiful Pinterest graphics that actually convert!

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