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How To Use Tasty Pins To Improve Your Pinterest SEO

Are you working hard on growing your Pinterest presence for your blog or business?

There’s so much that goes into building up an online presence and using Pinterest to grow your reach. And SEO should be a huge part of your strategy!

If you’ve been using alt tags and alt text on WordPress for your pin descriptions, it’s time to fix that ASAP.

Why is Pinterest SEO important?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. And Pinterest is essentially a visual search engine (no, it’s not a social media platform!)

Because of that, you want to make sure that your content on Pinterest is optimized for search.

People constantly go on Pinterest to find solutions to their problems. They’re using it to search for things all the time and a lot of the time, Pinterest users are in buying mode.

It’s an amazing place to grow your blog and business. And what you want is for your pins to show up when people go to search on Pinterest.

That’s what brings in traffic to your site and even new subscribers, leads, clients, sales and so much more.

What is Tasty Pins?

My favorite tool that grows my Pinterest presence even more (on autopilot!) is a handy WordPress plugin called Tasty Pins. The plugin comes from WP Tasty and it is a total gamechanger.

Basically what it does is allow you to have more control over your content! Tasty Pins give you the ability to control what text gets pinned with your images when website visitors click to save your content to Pinterest.

It’s the perfect tool to make sure you’re Pinterest-optimized all the time.

Why You’re Going To Want It

You may be asking “so what?”

But if you’re already using Pinterest to grow your website traffic, then you already know how powerful the platform can be. And besides Pinterest, another awesome way to get eyes on your blog is through SEO.

You want to be able to get found on both Pinterest and Google. But the thing is, what we need to give Google and Pinterest in order to be optimized are two totally different things.

That’s where Tasty Pins comes in & changes everything.

Before, you only had the option on WordPress to optimize for Google. With the Tasty Pins plugin, you can optimize for BOTH. No having to choose!

WP Tasty Pins Features

With that being said, let’s dive into and take a look at the features of this super handy lightweight WordPress plugin.

Tasty Pins retails for $29/year. But you have the option to pay the $29 upfront & choose not to renew yearly (you just won’t get access to updates!)

There are quite a few things you can do with it.

#1 Set Pinterest descriptions

Can you imagine being able to set a Pinterest description straight from your blog post or WordPress media library?

Heck yeah!

Tasty Pins adds a new section to your images that allows you to directly type in the description you want your images to have when they’re pinned to Pinterest.

How To Use Tasty Pins To Improve Your Pinterest SEO

Learn how to write keyword-rich Pinterest descriptions with this tutorial!

#2 Optimize alt text for accessibility and SEO

Okay so a bad blogging habit tons of new bloggers (myself included) are guilty of is using the alt text as a place for your pin description.

I definitely learned that is NOT what it’s supposed to be used for. In fact, alt text is meant to be used to describe the image for accessibility reasons.

With the plugin, you can finally go back to using alt text for what it’s intended for — boosting your Google SEO.

#3 Hide Pinterest images from your blog posts

I use this feature in ALL my blog posts.

Pinterest graphics that are tall work amazingly on Pinterest (where they’re meant to be!) but they don’t always work on your actual blog.

Having to scroll through long images to get to the text can be annoying so the best thing you can do is hide these images within your post. So they’re still there, but they’re not taking up so much precious real estate.

I like to make 5-7 Pinterest graphics for all my blog posts and that is wayyyy too much to add to the post. So Tasty Pins is awesome because I put my 3 graphics at the bottom of the post & hide the rest.

So much easier than having to insert random codes to hide images by hand.

#4 Disable pinning on certain images

Next up is another frequently used feature: the ability to disable pinning on certain images.

You want Pinterest-worthy pins to end up on Pinterest and non-Pinterest-worthy pins to stay where they are. When I write tutorials, I use a lot of screenshots to explain step-by-step and hate when those random images end up on being pinned!

The good thing with Tasty Pins is that you can disable pinning on all those images you don’t want ending up on Pinterest.

#5 Add a hover Pinterest save button on all images

Another cool thing is adding a Pinterest Save button to all your images. This helps people save your graphics straight to Pinterest with a click of a button.

#6 Force pinning of hidden Pinterest images

Last but not least, you can add force pinning of hidden Pinterest images. So once you hide your image, you can set it up so it gets force-pinned.

What that means is that instead of the user having the option to select what graphic they want to pin, you make the selection and that is the only option. This way you can 100% avoid having people pin random photos from your posts!

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Final Note

Tasty Pins is one of my favorite investments to date. It’s saved me a ton of time and has increased my Pinterest traffic.

If you hate having to add code to hide your Pinterest images & you’re ready to get serious about Pinterest, then definitely give Tasty Pins a shot.

They offer unlimited support and a 15-day money back guarantee if you’re not happy with it!

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How To Use Tasty Pins To Improve Your Pinterest SEO
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How To Use Tasty Pins To Improve Your Pinterest SEO