If you knew me personally, you’d know that I am a serial planner. I am obsessed with planning every detail and looking ahead to the future. It’s just a part of who I am. So naturally, as a blogger and business owner, when I came across The Content Planner, it was a game-changer.

All jokes aside, planning out your content is crucial! Flashback to me back in 2016. I was a burnt out college student looking for an outlet in the digital world to share my thoughts, tips, and favorite things as a hobby while I pursued my degree.

I blogged whenever I felt like it or came up with an idea and needless to say, it was disorganized. I’d post one week, then no posts for a month, then back to posting twice a week.

There was no rhyme or reason and I struggled with what exactly I wanted to write. I was all over the place. And I recognize that this happens to a lot of new bloggers and business owners.

Enter: The Content Planner

The Content Planner 2020 is currently on sale!

Then, one name change and rebrand later, I decided I wanted to take this blogging thing much more seriously. And eventually, I made the decision to invest in The Content Planner.

If you’re wondering what the heck it is, let me explain.

It is the ONLY physical paper planner of its kind. Founder Kat Gaskin created the planner with entrepreneurs in mind. It’s made specifically for content creators, bloggers, and entrepreneurs.

And that’s what really drew me in – We FINALLY have a planner that helps you stay organized and get rid of that social media stress!

Planner Features

Now let’s dive into the features of the planner, pros and cons, and how I use it to run my business.


First of all, my all-time favorite feature of the planner is the fact that it is entirely customizable. The months are undated and actually come with a few extra months in the planner.

So whenever you get your planner, you can already start writing in it! No more waiting for the new year to break into your shiny new Content Planner. Just fill in the dates and start planning.


Because the planner is undated, you get to add the dates yourself. And a neat feature is the cute little stickers that come with it.

The stickers include the months, tabs, social media stickers, reminders, days off and so much more. There are tons of social media stickers that come with the planner and who doesn’t love stickers? I know I sure do!

For me, the best part is adding the stickers into my calendar. I’m a visual person so it really brings my plans to life.

Stats tracker

Next up is the stats tracker. This is what really sets your planner apart from any other that you can pick up at the store. The Content Planner has a tracker in every monthly spread that you can use to track your social media growth, income, email list, etc.

Tracking these stats is exactly what I do every month so it’s awesome to be able to see it in there every time I’m looking at my calendar!

Spaces for your goals & dreams

Okay, so this planner definitely inspires me to be a freakin’ boss. It comes with blank spaces for you to just dream about your business and set goals on how you plan to succeed.

Not only can you freely daydream with The Content Planner, but you also have space to make a plan of action to set goals to make your dreams a reality. It allows you to track your goals, check them off as you achieve them, keep things in mind and on your radar, plus you can track your hashtags & collabs.

It even comes with a little section with tasks and tips for the month which I love.

Monthly themes

If you have a hard time planning your content ahead and making sure it goes in line with what’s going on during the year, then you’ll love the monthly themes section.

At the beginning of the planner, there’s a section for big things each month to keep on your radar as well as themes for the months. For example, the month of March has themes to keep in mind such as healthy eating, travel, packing for travel, taxes and finances, etc.

These are hot topics during that month! So having that there allows you to create content and plan out your social media to go along with what’s going on during that month and keeping up with the trends.

List of marketing & holiday dates

Last but not least, similar to the monthly themes, Kat has had the genius idea of putting together a list of marketing and holiday dates in the planner. So you’ll have a massive list of not just the regular holidays for the year but also the fun & wacky ones.

She lists the holidays for the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is a great addition to The Content Planner because you can pick and choose which holidays and dates your target audience is interested in and plan your content out ahead of time.

Pros & Cons

I thought I’d also go over some pros and cons of the planner. I’m super obsessed with using it on the daily in my business!


I have a home office so I spend most of my time working from home. I personally love that the planner is on the larger side because I have more space to write and plan out my content. So that’s definitely a pro for me! But it might be a con for you if you’re the type of person who likes to throw your planner in your bag and head out.

It’s more rectangular than square so it’s not the size of a traditional planner. It does come with a neat box to put it away which is super cute.


While you do have a lot more space since the planner is bigger, I kind of wish there were more blank pages in the planner for me to set goals on. I try not to write too much in those pages and usually write out my ideas in a notebook instead since I run out of space or worry that I won’t have any more space at the end of the month when I want to write something.

Additionally, I’m a huge fan of both the monthly and daily spreads in planners. I love quickly writing important things on the monthly view, but then I also like having some space to plan out the smaller tasks I need to work on on a daily basis. The planner only has a monthly view — which I guess is okay because it might make the planner to thick.

I do wish it had something for planning your day to day though!

How I Use It In My Business

As I mentioned, I use this planner every day. So let me share a little bit about how I personally use it in my business.

I work with clients on a monthly basis. A big part of what I use my planner for is setting dates for when I need to work on graphic design, invoices, proposals, etc. I look at the monthly overview and it allows me to visualize the entire month at once. So I go in with a sticker and set those days.

I also use The Content Planner together with ClickUp to plan out my blog posts, email newsletters, and Instagram posting schedule.

And lastly, I even use the planner to mark important dates (both business and personal!) so that I know not to plan business things on those days or vice versa.

The Content Planner 2020

The Content Planner 2020 is here! I’m really psyched about it because Kat always launches a new color of the planner each year. 2019 was my first year using the planner and I got it in purple.

I’m excited because this time around she has a couple of options to pick from: blue & yellow (sunshine & emerald sea) and a lighter blue (powder & pacific).

The Content Planner 2020 is currently on sale!

P.S. If you’re not sure if you’re ready to invest in a planner like this just yet, you can also purchase printables on The Content Planner website to give it a test drive before buying.

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