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6 Big Reasons Why Pinterest ISN'T Working For You

So you know you need Pinterest to grow your blog. Everyone tells you that you need an incredible Pinterest strategy to see that growth.

You keep hustling, making pins, writing descriptions, and still… it just ain’t workin’ for ya. And this can easily lead to frustration and discouragement for sure (and by the way, I see you working hard. You’re doing great.)

Many bloggers try to get on Pinterest because they’ve heard it’s such a game changer (and *spoiler alert* it is!) And so many sit there scratching their heads like “why isn’t this working for me?” And those same bloggers just give up on Pinterest in the end because they feel like they’re putting in all this effort with no return.

I’ve been there.
I have been in your shoes.

I used to think I could just pin the same plain photos I put up in my blog post directly to Pinterest. Just as is with no other tweaking or optimizing on my part.

And boy, I was wrong! Like dead wrong.

I needed a kick in the pants to really get things going. A wakeup call to finally change my ways. How many times I wish I could say just give it to me straight, Doc. Tell me what I need to do!

But as we know, it doesn’t always work out that way and we need to learn things on our own over time. Which I did.

I’ve been a Pinterest manager for about a year now and have dealt with so many different accounts, niches, and Pinterest algorithm updates and have tested out a different Pinterest strategy each time the algorithm updated. So I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to using Pinterest to grow your blog’s traffic.

And now Pinterest brings in more than half of my blog’s traffic every. single. month. That’s a pretty big chunk of pageviews from one source alone! And that’s why I am constantly shouting from the rooftops that you NEED to be on Pinterest!!

And through the last couple of years, I’ve seen a lot of bloggers and entrepreneurs make the same Pinterest mistakes time and time again.

So if you’re struggling to make Pinterest work, here are 6 big (tough love) reasons why it’s just not working for you.

1. You don’t have a Business account

Before starting a blog, I had a personal Pinterest account that I shared makeup, recipes, and my future (but now very real) wedding on. When I realized Pinterest was huge for blogging, I was between using my personal account for my blog or making an all-new account.

I was wondering if I should start fresh or keep my current account going. To be honest though, I didn’t want to bombard the people I knew IRL who followed my personal account with my new blog.

I ended up choosing to make separate Pinterest Business account. And it made a huge difference.

A Business account gives you access to so much more content like Pinterest Analytics. You also get access to other features like Promoted Pins and much more. Plus, Pinterest Business accounts allow you to go by your biz name instead of your actual name too!

There are tons of benefits for having a Business account so you’ll definitely want to switch over and learn how to set up a Pinterest Business account.

2. Your Pinterest graphics aren’t great

One big reason your Pinterest strategy might not be working for you is that you’re not pinning Pinterest-optimized images! You’re pinning images with no text overlays or your designing pins that don’t have the key elements that make your pins clickworthy.

You want people to WANT to click on your pins. Your pins need to draw people in and follow the best standards for pin design. If you scroll through Pinterest yourself, you should notice a pattern. The pins are long, they have text over the images, they have URLs on them or logos. They all pretty much have a format.

Like an unspoken rule. Except it isn’t unspoken. Pinterest themselves have often come out and said what makes a great pin.

And that’s what you need to do! Make great pins.

So how can you fix that?

The best pins out there follow a 2:3 ratio size, have text overlays that grasp your readers’ attention, your website URL, and use high-quality photos.

Read this blog post all about how to design gorgeous Pinterest graphics that CONVERT using the free graphic design tool Canva. Canva has amazing templates, design goods, and tools to help you create amazing graphics. It’s totally free and easy to use so there’s no excuse for not creating Pinterest graphics!

I have a super in-depth tutorial with a free checklist & video tutorial on just how you can upgrade your graphics. This post is one of my most popular posts to date so you’ll definitely want to give it a read!

3. You’re not using keywords

Keywords are BIG. If you’re not seeing impressions, clicks or saves, on your pins then your pins might not actually be keyworded correctly. Are you ignoring pin descriptions? Are you using hashtags?

In your snazzy new Business account, you should have access to Pinterest Analytics. In Pinterest Analytics, you should have access to the part of analytics for your website. Which shows impressions & clicks.

Take a look at the top pins that get shown under impressions. How are the impressions in relation to the clicks?

Are you getting 1,000 impressions and just 2 clicks?

Think about it this way — the pin was scrolled past 1,000 times and only got 2 clicks.

What should we be doing to get more impressions, which can lead to more clicks? (because more people are seeing your pin!)

You want to show up more in Pinterest search.

When you make a Pinterest graphic, Pinterest doesn’t really know what your pin is about. You have to tell them! You have to help them with the kind of words you use in your pin description and to what boards you’re saving your pin to.

Go back to your Pinterest account and check out what exactly your pin descriptions look like. If you check out your Pinterest analytics and see that many of your pins have very low impressions, that means they don’t use the right keywords.

Let’s talk a bit about HOW to find keywords for Pinterest. *spoiler alert* Pinterest makes it so freakin’ easy — you’ll laugh when you realize just how simple it is to find keywords for your pins.

When you go on Pinterest and head over to the search bar, you’ll notice that Pinterest actually tells you what keywords are the most popular that people are searching for.

Yes, they give them straight to you! This could be a lengthy topic so I have a whole post all about keywords right here 😉

4. You’re not being consistent

CONSISTENCY is key! Pinterest is NOT going to work for you if you go in, pin a few things, then completely ignore for like 3 weeks. Not the kind of Pinterest strategy you want to have.


That’s not how Pinterest works. Pinterest needs (& rewards) consistency. You need to be active on the platform to see the results. That’s where a properly thought out Pinterest strategy comes in.

Make it a point to log into Pinterest on a daily basis and pin anywhere from 10-15 pins per day (yours & other people’s!) You can literally do this in under 10 minutes a day.

You can do it while lying in bed, while you walk the dog, while you watch tv. No reason why you shouldn’t be able to log into Pinterest for a few minutes each day.

Pinterest rewards users & accounts that are active. And Pinterest looooves fresh content.

And if you don’t have even a minute to spare, Pinterest now lets you schedule out pins to publish later (gamechanger!!) Right now it’s only available on desktop and on the iOS app and has a few limitations (you can only schedule out 30 pins at a time for up to 3 weeks into the future.)

OR you can invest in a scheduling tool to do this for you. My favorite Pinterest scheduling tool is definitely Tailwind. I’m constantly raving about how much time it has saved me each week!

Tailwind is a tool that allows you to fill up their queue with pins you want them to pin for you for the next day, week, month, even YEAR! So you can pretty much set it and pop in to check on it once a week or once a month.

5. Your blog isn’t optimized for sharing

Is your blog optimized for Pinterest sharing? Some people don’t realize this is an option and something you should be doing.

I actually didn’t really figure it out til I was already on Pinterest for a few months. So if you notice on this post, there is a bar across the top of the post that allows you to share it to Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook.

This encourages your readers to share your post if they like it!

Aside from that, I also have three pin graphics at the end of this post with a call to action encouraging my readers to share my content on Pinterest.

You want to remind your readers to share it! If you don’t remind them, they won’t always realize it’s possible to share your content. And if you don’t make it easy for them, they won’t WANT to share it.

Make your blog posts shareable with a click of a button and you’ll see how much sharing will start happening. If you’re unsure how to set that up, definitely look into getting the Pinterest Save button for your blog as well as the WordPress plugin Social Warfare as part of your Pinterest strategy.

6. Your Pinterest profile isn’t optimized

Hmmm… More optimization.

Besides your pins being optimized, your actual profile should be optimized as well. This means making sure that your name, your bio, and all your board descriptions have proper keywords!

When pinners search, they can search not only for pins but for boards and people too. So this is very important and not something you should ignore.

If you’re thinking keywords only belong in pin descriptions, you’re wrong. You should be optimizing everything under the sun.

Anywhere Pinterest lets you write words should be optimized.

So my Pinterest account name is Simply Amanda | Pinterest Management + Pinterest Marketing Tips

If anyone searches up “Pinterest Management” or “Pinterest Marketing Tips” on Pinterest, my account pops up. Catch my drift?

Make sure to use up all the characters you can and use the method in the post I mentioned above for finding the keywords you need to include in your name, bio, and descriptions!

And that is all from me folks. Sometimes we get frustrated and think our efforts aren’t working when really we just need to look at our Pinterest strategy with a fresh pair of eyes and see what we can do to improve it.


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