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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Dubsado

One of the biggest ways I was able to monetize my blog and grow it into an online business was by offering services. Becoming a service-based business was one of the best decisions I had ever made and it’s something I constantly tell people who wish to blog full-time.

Offering services can often help you start making an income from your blog quicker than affiliate marketing or ads would.

If you’re thinking of kickstarting your services, the one reasons you majorly need to get ahead of the game is Dubsado.

When I first started off offering Pinterest Management services, I had no clue what I was doing. I made my own contracts on Word, used Google Forms for lead capturing, and sent all invoices through PayPal. It was a lot of moving parts.

It took many different tools to receive inquiries and onboard my clients. So when I discovered Dubsado, I was thrilled.

Everything changed and my entire client management process became 10x smoother.

Dubsado is everything all rolled into one. It’s SO professional and allows you to automate so many parts of your business to give you more time freedom to do what you love.

What is Dubsado

So if you’re wondering what on earth Dubsado is — no worries, let’s dive in and chat a bit about it.

Dubsado is basically a business management platform. It is a client relationship management (CRM) program. It gives you the power to manage projects, build client relationships, schedule appointments, and create workflows to automate the entire client process. And you can do this all in one spot.

That’s what really sold me on the platform in the first place. I was looking for one system to help me capture leads, send invoices, build packages, and onboard clients with. I was sick of running around back and forth between #allthethings to create the perfect client experience.

If you’re running a freelance business, you’re already busy enough so you need something totally seamless to help you land your dream clients with ease.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

1. Smooth Lead Capturing

Capturing leads and receiving inquiries from potential clients is super easy with Dubsado.

You can add contact forms and buttons to your services page to help people easily get in touch with you. And building the contact forms is super simple too because they use a drag and drop interface where you can just drag and drop text boxes, checkboxes, drop-down menus, etc so that you can create a custom form that gives you all the info you need from the potential client from the getgo.

2. Custom Branding

Oooh, this one was a big one for me! So before when I was using Paypal to send my invoices, it was impossible to customize invoices to match my branding.

Now when I sent out invoices (and not just invoices, but forms, packages, proposals, etc), they match my colors and branding and include my logo. You can’t even tell it’s Dubsado you’re using. It’s completely customized to your branding!

3. Automated Workflows

AUTOMATION! Who doesn’t love having things run on autopilot?

Dubsado lets you create automated workflows that do the dirty work for you. If you capture a lead and a potential client gets in contact with you, you can set up automated responses.

And you can set up workflows so that an action occurs after something specific happens.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Dubsado

You can also set up automated recurring invoices, canned emails, payment reminders and much more. So if you offer monthly services like I do, you can set up invoices to send out on their own every month.

4. Contracts, Invoices, and Proposals

While I did already talk about automating contracts, invoices, and proposals, a huge plus about Dubsado is the fact that you can create all of these within their platform. No more paying a monthly fee to send out contracts and accept digital signatures.

You can do it all in one place. My favorite feature that Dubsado offers is proposals.

You can create a proposal for each type of service you offer. Then, if someone reaches out expressing interest in XYZ service, you can automatically send them a proposal. AKA book clients in your sleep!

Proposals come with several tabs. The first tab allows you to show the package of the service, then the potential client will click through to the next tab, and they will see the contract there for that service and sign it. Then, the last tab will take them over to the invoice where they can pay for the service.

It’s kind of like allowing them to add things to their cart and check out right then and there. You don’t have to manually do any of it.

5. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is sooooo important when it comes to running a biz. Luckily, you can see all your bookkeeping in Dubsado! They offer an Accounting tab in the platform that tracks all the incoming and outgoing cash flow. You can check on your invoices, transactions, chart of accounts, and reports.

It’s so easy to view the bookkeeping and see it with the amazing visual graphs and charts they offer. It’s pretty awesome. I love using Quickbooksย as my form of bookkeeping and the cool thing is that you can integrate Wave and Dubsado to record all your bookkeeping for you!

6. Client Portals

Last but not least, you get access to client portals which is GREAT.

Depending on the kind of services you offer, client portals can be so useful. You can create a portal where your clients can log into and there, they can see contracts, files, documents, etc.

So if you’re a graphic designer, you can upload your proofs to the client portal and have your clients approve them or ask for revisions. For me, I offer monthly reports with my Pinterest Management services, so I’m able to upload the monthly analytics reports into the client portals.

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Dubsado


You can get a free trial of Dubsado for up to three clients right now (no time limit!). So you can take advantage and see if you like it.

Dubsado usually goes for $35 a month or $350 a year:


Dubsado has been absolutely amazing for me and has definitely paid for itself since I’ve been using it.

So tell me, do you use a CRM? What’s your favorite Dubsado feature? Let me know in the comments below!

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